Jarvee Likes exchange tool

Got it so all the sessions start at 12am. If I do 300 likes at 50 per session we are assuming the tool would stop at 3am?

There are two sessions per hour. So you could do 50 per hour and it would stop some time around 6 am yes. But no guarantees. There could be a long list of why. Just add a few accounts to do just likes.

I’m confused as to how this works, so you like posts to have other “random” people using the LE tool to like your posts. Won’t this just get you more likes but lower the engagement rates. What are the benefits of using this tool?

The tool was developed right about the time that IG decided that likes needed to come more from followers than non followers.

It can still help in a few ways. Running ads on IG? Hit it with likes form the LE.

Have spammy accounts? Hit them with the likes from the LE.

I can boost client accounts with likes up to around 15-20% and they do not suffer. But that is also dependent on content.

The LE can be great, you just need to figure out if it’s the tool you should use and why or why not.


Having a hard time understanding why I need to create an account to give likes. I have paid for the premium subscription which gives unlimited likes, correct?

Is this other method only for people with the free subscription or am I missing something?

Was that account you forgot about that is now at 33k, only using LE, and nothing else?

Why you say boost likes around 15-20% are you saying 15-20% more than current average likes or so the account is up to 15-20% ER? I have a client just signed up with 4k followers and only has 50-150 likes per post and AMAZING content (wedding photography). Bumping her to even 10% ER would look suspicious I think.

Thanks in advance, cheers

You still have to have likes to get likes, that’s how the system works. If you only take from the system, then other people pay for your likes.

The free tier only gives so many likes per day/photo. The Premium Tier allows you unlimited likes, but you still need to put likes into the system.

Oh shit. Well thanks :smile:

And what about the '15-20% statement?

Some of my clients have TERRIBLE content and are always asking “How to get more likes per photo”. They don’t listen to the advice so I will supplement them by 10-20%.

I have a few influencers who want the same thing, but have great content. I use 10% for them, and their reach has not suffered at all.

I look at their average engagement for the past 1-2 months and give them 10% based off that. You need to find what works for you though.


Why do you suggest not using client accounts?

I only have client accounts but have 30 I can use, unless that damages the account? None of my accounts are liking posts currently (after follow, or like tool) so there’s room to do so.

Also, I have never created a ‘dummy’ account or dealt with campaigns so this is where my resistance comes from :smiley:

Lots of reasons! I personally don’t mind if people add their client accounts to the LE, because then they are even more real! The best likes come from accounts that follow you, verified accounts etc, we all know that. I’ve had accounts in the LE that are verified on IG like my posts! The LE is always a mix and thats what makes it great for “fake” likes.

If you use a client account in the LE, you risk getting your proxy and the account flagged. It’s just not worth it. Always try to keep your clients accounts clean.

If you are going to use likes, use like after follow but keep that number low. It will give you a better followback ratio.

Just buy a few accounts, make the bio etc all look real. Use whatever pics you have, but try to have good spintax etc. Heck, make a fanpage account if you have to. It’s good practice anyhow.

But yes, do not use client accounts to give likes. Don’t overdue it with the client accounts getting too many likes either. Some people just want a high follower number and lots of likes so they can be “Insta famous”, these are the people will not really care about where they likes come from. This is where the LE really shines.

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Fantastic, thank you for taking the time to detail that response.

I don’t use likes because I was getting banned with 0-2 likes after follow. 30 follows per hour, 500-600/day max. I assumed something had changed and IG wasn’t ok with this method anymore. What would be your suggested setting for the like after follow, as it seems you still use it without issue?


You shouldn’t be getting banned for like after follow. Most that should happen is a like block.

@HenryCooper will tell you to not use like after follow. He has his reasons.

If you CAN like after follow, I say do it, but keep it under 40 likes per hour. I would use 0-1.

A lot has changed. You can’t do half the stuff you used to anymore. Follows alone still work, like after follow is better but riskier in terms of possibly getting blocked and the proxy/IP or account, flagged.

If you are getting accounts banned then there is a more serious issue. What kind of proxies do you use?

I’m going to preface this with I use proxies of all kinds. Mobile proxies, residential (clients) and datacenter for spam accounts. I might get a PV or EV here or there on the datacenter and spam accounts (usually after changes at IG or them logging all users out after an update), but no bans. I’m not doing anything magical. But I am also not running 10k accounts (attrition happens at that level)

Like block is what I meant, apologies for the terminology. However, I’ve received messages from clients seeming a tad irritated they cant like photos… again… and asking what’s going on.

I’m using High Proxies. Started with them, had a couple EV problems a while back and purchased some Mobile Proxies from @HenryCooper. But I have constant issues with Henry’s proxies (300 follows one day, 65 the next, 320, 75, etc.) whereas my residential, same settings, are around 500/day consistently. Not getting support from HC or his team so I’ve moved all accounts are moved back to High Proxies residential and no issues other than my like blocks from ‘like after follow.’

Get away from High Proxies. You also need to educate your clients that they should limit themselves to posting, DM’s and comments. Follow, unfollow and like actions should all be handled by you and only you.

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Who do you recommend? I did not have good experience with my accounts on @HenryCooper’s proxies or his teams support.

Reach out to him directly. He wants to know these things. His Skype is in his bio

Tried it. His team said he’d log into my RDP and to reach out through telegram. He responded a couple times but never looked into my issues. I still have a message he hasn’t responded to from Jan 17 about this… My experiences with @HenryCooper and his proxies were not worth the headache for me tbh. Anyone else you can recommend?

I recommend @HenryCooper.

I also recommend @Digital7Boy

@mindeswx has proxies so does @PrestigeProxies


What is your ticket ID? (Even tho I need to admit that RDP support is the last of our options, since we can only offer it to a handful of people per month as it takes ridiculous amounts of time and only if there is literally no other way)

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I think thats true with MP as well.

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