Jarvee Login Profile setup issue

Hi - I have about 50 Jarvee profiles each on a different Instagram proxy and have had no issues. I have two clients with older accounts that I’m not able to verify with Jarvee and make valid so they can work. I requested to verify by SMS and then by email. Each only one time. I got nothing sent to the client so I can’t verify it. Anyone who can help it would be greatly appreciated.

did you try change the proxies?

I have - yes. Doesn’t change things

Is there any chance the account already has other IPs logged in in other places and that’s the issue?

You only tried clicking the send code 1 time? If you did I would try sending the code a few more times. Sometimes I dont get the code on the first click so I have to spam the send code and eventually ill get the code to my email.

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Oh - wow - ok I didn’t do that. I heard that if you do it more than once you might have to cooldown the account for 48 hours. That works for you?

Yes if you spam the send code too many times then you will have wait for the account to cooldown for a day or two. It will say “Sorry try again later” or something like that if it happens.

But you can request the code around 5 times safely in a short amount of time. (I actually do it more than that sometimes but 5 is safe)

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Ok I will try that. - Do you do it by SMS or Email?

Email :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you - I’m going to try that now. Appreciate the help. Its nice having some Jarvee pals here.


could be, you dont know what the account owner might be doing…

That may solve the problem, if not, you may try to disable the account for some hours and then try again.

You can try @RustyBread method and if that doesn’t work you can do a “Reset Device ID” in Jarvee for those accounts and try sending codes again.

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Hey guys - I tried both methods and neither worked for two different accounts.
What those two accounts had in common was that they were once linked to a Facebook account and somehow that must be screwing it up.

If anyone has any idea how to totally separate the Facebook info from it more than unlinking it in the IG app that would be helpful.

Thank you - if you can get these two accounts setup for me I will be so grateful. This is a total Facebook/IG/Jarvee glitch!

have you tried to add a digit like “1” in front of the username and then login?

So you would change the actual account name possibly to get it to work? Not sure my client will go for that, but would that solve it?

I meant to tell you that I figured out the issue with this - it was that the proxy location did not match the location of the client. Once I matched those it worked. This has happened to me before too.

Hello !

I’m having a big issue with one of my accounts, after clearing the cookies, is having sort of log in loop.
I mean by this, that each time I try to log in with the customer account, it sends me back to log-in page.
But he’s still connected !

With Jarvee, same, EB and API.

With my own browser, same.
With my own phone, same.
With my VPS IP on regular chrome browser, that is exactly the same country as the customer, same, it logs-in, and send me back instantly to log-in page.

Anyone encountered this issue ?

I had this problems months back. The proxy is just all warmed up. Let it cool down, wait a couple days, and try again but make sure to get all the information correct the first time.

Wait a few days.
Remove the customer from Jarvee
Enter it in a few days with a new proxy and see if it works.
Observe the themes that you can already do through the API.
If you will not be able to login when you try to log in, please install EB.