Jarvee not repining with links

Hey guys,

Lately, Pinterest made some updates. I noticed that Jarvee don’t repost the link I told it to do even though the repin with link is at 100%.

Anyone else experienced that?

have you reported the issue to Jarvee support they have released an update 3 days ago

Yep, they said it was fixed yesterday but it’s not the case

then you should report that once again and send them screenshots of the issue and your logs and they will forward them to devs.

Yes thanks I know that :sweat_smile:my question was if someone else was experiencing this issue

I don’t think the fix is still out. I think they are still working on it and that the fix will be released with next update.

Outcome: support told me Pinterest removed the field/box to put a signature when you repin so atm it’s not possible at all to redirect trafic using Pinterest :sweat_smile:

thanks for the update, yeah sometimes the changes come directly from their side, and there isn’t much that can be done

Ouch, at least now we know what the problem was…