Jarvee - Pinterest following tool not working for 9 days

Has anybody else had this problem? I contacted support on the 4th. It started on the 3rd. Cannot use the follow tool. It just says not enough users can be extracted. I guess the developers are working on it still.

You don’t mention your sources…

If the tool says “not enough users” it has to do with your sources.

Hmm that’s what I thought but my sources have hundred of thousands of followers

I asked support. They said its a known issue and the developers are working on it. I’m surprised it’s been this long. Been 11 days

I think this is to do with a change on Pinterest, where the accounts to follow are displayed in two different ways one as a list and the other (that works)!

What’s “The Other” ? lol

Its where the profiles are loaded in rows and columns…

This is how I paste them in.

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Pinterest makes changes in their website design very often and not for all profiles at the same time, some profiles get the new look, some are still on old one and, so bots have issues with actions.

I’d suggest you to send message to support once again, it could be it’s a different change on Pinterest website, not the one they know about.

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Good idea. Thanks guys

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The tool works now after an update. Great support over at jarvee overall. They respond quick. Thanks to anybody here who responded as well. Appreciate your time.


Good to know that. Thanks for info.