Jarvee: Post in groups from the business page and not from the private account?


I want to make a posting campaign in facebook with Jarvee. I have set up the destinations.
However I will post all of the content from my private profile and not from the facebook business profile.

Is there are possibility to post in groups from the business page and not from the private account?


First you must join to group with your profile and page. Then go to that group and in the left corner click on interacting as and select your page. Set up destination with your profile and group selected. Start your campaign, when Jarvee will open group for posting it will post as a page, because you selected to interact as a page. I’ve tried and everything working fine. :slight_smile:

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can this only be done manually or can this be done via jarvee?


So I manually join the groups with my private Profile and then with my facebook page afterwards. And then I select in the posting field to
post from my page, right?

Or how do you do the process? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

This might also interest you


Thank you benny!
unfortunately I don’t have access to the topic…
Would you be so kind and copy & paste it for me here?

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Clicked it. It said login first.
Registered (did the whole discobot tutorial)
It stills says Sorry no access :disappointed_relieved:
How can I earn the trust to look at those information? :star_struck:

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You have to contribute to the forum, by replying to existing threads with useful/friendly content and/or starting own threads.
among other requirements that you can check on this link: User Levels Explained , you need to get 200 likes in order to be promoted to level 2 and be able to see those golden threads :slight_smile:


Thanks for the info…!
Really like this forum and helped me a lot in the last weeks. Should have logged in earlier…

Thanks. Will try it now.

Hi Benny. Can you share to us some techniques from that thread? It’s very hard to achieve Level2 on this forum. thanks

It’s in the 2nd level for a reason :slight_smile:
Though I don’t see any particularly hard (getting 75 Likes can be easily achieved with a single quality topic)

Please also don’t bump 12-month-old threads - If you wish to attain Lvl2 sharing your journey so far will bring you a great step closer.

Thread locked.