Jarvee unfollowing users followed manually?

I recently started getting many complains from my customers that Jarvee is unfollowing all their friends.
I have only checked the option to remove all users followed by Jarvee.
Anyone else facing the same problem?

I use the weekend just to unfollow the users followed during the week. So today and yesterday if that you said was true for me I would had already received some complaints, but no I received none until now.

I never noticed such bug may be you should verify your unfollow setting

Contact support, they’ll walk you through the steps to verify if it was Jarvee or not.

Had a similar situation with a client a few months ago where she unfollowed 2k accounts in 3 days, many her actual friends she knew IRL. Of course, blaming the software would be obvious, but I was only running likes. Contacted support and changed her password as a precaution. Long story short, never figured out why it happened and never saw it happen again.

I haven’t changed the settings for unfollowing in over a year and only started getting these complaints around 2 days ago. Pretty sure the settings are fine.
It’s been 6 clients so far so I’m definitely missing something.

Just to be on the safe side. Ask your clients to provide you with a list of people or accounts they need to keep and whitelist them. I personally have done so, and never had issues.
If they have constant changes you may either choose to offer this as free service or charge a small amount for changes on the list.

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Please share a screenshot :slight_smile: It will be easier for us.

I’ve had many complaints from my clients too about this; many of their friends being unfollowed by Jarvee and I’ve even experienced it myself. Definitely a bug with Jarvee.

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I think I have the answer for you guys (@HamzaE and @Amarildo_Domi )

What your client is complaining: “You are unfollowing the users that I am following.”
What is really happening: Your client clicked in the “Follow” button and he thought that he was following, but in reality he is follow blocked by IG and because of that when he clicked in the follow button nothing happens (not even the follow block alert). So your client never really followed the user that he is claiming that you unfollowed.

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That crossed my mind but is not the case because I checked and those who complained actually have hundreds less than the initial following amount.

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Thanks for this bro - only problem is, client was following these people for years and only now have they been unfollowed so I don’t think they would buy this response :tired_face:


I just said thaat because I alreaady had this problem and it was the solution. I just asked the client when he tried to follow and if the answer is today/yesterday I ask him to follow my own profile and tell me after they did, so I check my profile to see if he really have follow.

I think that because most people are using EB only to follow it’s not executing the the unfollows in the same way. Also seems to have effected muting.

I’ve also encountered such problems.

The situation seems to be as follows:
Jarvee is following someone >> Jarvee unfollows
After a while, The client is once again following an account that was previously followed by Jarvee.
Jarvee is syncing 'Was unfollowed" and thinks it missed an unfollow >> Jarvee unfollows >> Angry client.

I would suggest asking the clients to always save a post / add to close friends to profiles they don’t want to be unfollowed, It’s not the best solution, but it works.

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There is definitely something wrong with Jarvee.
I managed to keep clients during all these blocks but I lost some of them because Jarvee removed all their friends lol.


i have the same problem with J

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feel ya… wish for the best!

Anyone has a solution for this?
I contacted Jarvee but as always they just keep requesting different information trying to say that it’s not their fault.


Same here, still waiting for a replay. I personally add the username in the white list