Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked


automatic api login ? AC for sure…


No problem. When the account works less than 6 hours, even the AC does not arrive.


There are a lot of guys who work here. But they do not want to help others. Post your settings, theory, please share your experience. )


where did you set 6vhours?


You mean first you do the actions manual in the eb browser? Than you transfer to api eb?


Printscreens sais execute between 00:00 and 23:59, but that is the whole days instead of night only right?

Thank you sooooo much for helping us!!! :pray:t3:


by this you mean you do it manually on the phone then use it on jv


what you settings > social profile > instagram settings?
so you run 1proxy 4g for 8account? any compromised or email verification? and you run acc for 24hour. no sleep mode ? you only running follow+unfollow? how about like and DM?


4g proxies
right settings
no patterns on all accounts
right config from the start and BOOM
(by the way - no scrape accounts on those they scrape alone) :smiley:


Really glad seeing more people speaking up that things work for them.

People tend to no believe it when I tell them :frowning:


I set the night mode like this. To make all accounts work only at night, when customers are asleep. As for me it’s easier


Mean that you can first work with his hands, to understand how to put the settings


Yes, of course it works. The problem is that many are not willing to spend time on testing, but only waiting for them to give everything ready. As a rule, who does not test, they say that nothing works


ikr but i feel like Neo In The Matrix (Im The Choosen 1 and all the others are Smithes )
lol its give me some motivation


Are these all client accounts and you are running follow and unfollow at the same time?


yes all clients
and yes at same time


Yes, these are client accounts. And running tasks at the same time


Congrats! I still get 508s every week. Do you build your own proxies?


You have the browser experience on.


I may use this feature to see if there’s better results.

Is there anyone else using Browser Experience?


Thanks so much for sharing all this

What hours to have your night mode set to out of interest?

You also mentioned about having a filter on the main account. Are you saying that having that extra API call to filter is part of what keeps the account block free so it’s not just f/uf?

And lastly, how are you warming up accounts?