Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked


there are bots that operate with 99% no blocks. also accounts stuck in JV works fine there. the way automation is now need to be refactored.


There is also Jarvee users that operate without blocks. What conclusion do you draw out of that?


you mean only who sell at high price their services who gonna survive ?


I do not believe there is any JRV user that operates without blocks. There are accounts that are problematic, if you throw them away, of course you operate with no blocks with best accounts.


Do you know that can safe use bots?


I just want to ask that do you have this accs like you say without block? So dont listen to other ,just look at self


Most of the “Jv users operating without blocks” or are lying from A to Z. I’ve meet and talked to a few who pretended that, even respected members from this forum ; and from what i saw a few didn’t know shit about some basic stuff.

  • This is a fact, no one operate Jv without at least a few blocks ; or they do operate only a few accounts. When you scale things up, you’ll see more and more red. You can overcome every single block, hopefully, but still, here they are.

  • We have to deal with blocks to get the overpowered filters (Jv), or go with lower filters on selfmade bots/macro automation, and be a bit more likely blocks free.

Quality versus Blocks-free, deal of our life ?


You can pre-filter those with your own “cleaning” tools.

A lot of people here want to sell coaching or consulting sadly.

General rule: do not trust the information provided by people that want to sell you something.

More blocks, yes. But not in the amount of that it turns into “I lost all my clients”.


Yes there is more blocks then before, but not in an amount that would kill a business, especially considering that the whole market is suffering on those changes anyway. It does not just affect you, in case you can still deliver >= 10k actions per month on a 2-3 month average.


I know few that lost all their clients …
Pre-filter will make you look like bot, scanning while scrolling is a great way to work … same as manual, you don’t have to enter each account to know his data :slight_smile:


I agree,

I’m having scrapers filter and then the main accounts follow with 0 filters. :+1::+1:


did you ever thing how he gets to each account ? searching it once by one ? that bad as well.


Hi guys, anyone here who has tried this guide? I am not sure if if i should to try it, my EB experiences are very good… only 1 error right now that DM is not working, getting blocks in Jarvee…
Opinions, advices?
I appreciate it!



if something works for you don’t change :wink:


Good idea, but DMs don’t work. Very important factor for some clients.


Thanks for the info!

  1. Does it mean follow/unfollow at the same time turned on or one day follow next day unfollow and so on

  2. Does it mean no likes at all also no “like after follow” ?

  1. and you use no filter option . Not even “do not follow followers”?

3b) Is there a way to feed the scrapper account with a blacklist containing all followers of main account dynamicly? @jarvee


Who is this working for, and who not?
I got AC a day after I implemented it.

Verona also got similar in his test, as it’s suspicious if an account never scrapes, as in the case in this guide.


Incase this helps anyone my last email asking a few questions said…

  • What would you advise for follow settings for the MAIN and SCRAPER accounts?

You can set your scraper account to scrape as many users as You want, there is no limit for scraping activities because they are not counted like real actions by Instagram, but, for your main account, please set your follow tool to not perform more than 200 follow actions per day because of the latest Instagram restrictions.

  • Should the scraper be running on a proxy as well?

No, there is no need for that, your scraper account can run on your home IP address.

  • Should the optimise API calls be ticked or unticked?

There is no need for that because only your scraper account will make API calls.

Help in Jarvee setting

My scraper says it has sent accounts to my main but main is saying no sources found (it’s set to specific user). Anyone know why that may be?


Are there any accounts in the specific user list under sourced on the main accounts?
Or is the list empty?