Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked


Still no blocks for me and about 50 dm a day

I am not looking for new customers!
How some people here report my posts like SPAM for personal frustration!


Do you use API or EB? when you say no scrapes, how do you follow sources?, location?


Hello Friend,

Do not believe everything they say, please!


I’m assuming he uses EB.


Another little update

They are recommending to follow between 2-8 people per operation

I’m literally going to work with them on support until I get this working so I’ll keep you all up to date how this goes.



Why people report your post as spam ? They’re not frustrated man. You just spammed the forum this morning for example, by answering at the same time to 8-10 threads. All i can see was your avatar, on the last replied topics.

I didn’t and won’t report anything, but i noticed it, so i understand people noticing it aswell :slight_smile:


well the followed last 30 days is low … so I hope it will be better for this update. is it API + EB ?


Both and i own my proxies company so yeah… 4g


3-5 per proxy


Location,hashtags,followers of accounts
scrape by names removing curse and all those filters
Im using both by the way (some acc work better with eb some with api alot of tests)


I only have IG account and I’m not a tech person. I’m all confused. Slave account means a separate fake account? Do I need proxy for slave account?


Still going well, using API?


Not that I am aware of. But I do not manage so many Jarvee instances myself. Just 1-2 control groups to make sure that everything works as intended. Rest is done by the staff.


Are you using EB or API? @HenryCooper


That depends on the account. Some people get better results with EB, some get better with Jarvee API. It also depends what kind of actions you are executing. Everything plays a role.


I am using only api and it’s working pretty well but avery 48h I get a temporary block, and the only solution that I found is to reset ids and make the log in again. In this way It’s getting back to work, otherwise It’s stilling blocked,
Someone knows how to get automatic reset ids and re log in when It gets temporary block?


Be carefull with reset ID, if you do it often you will have AC/hard block. It is the last option.


Yes, all the accounts I have on the API work well. Actually here it is necessary to look, some accounts work better on API some on EB. I just specially warmed up all accounts on the API and everything was transferred to this mode of operation


Thanks for your tips, but every 24/48 hours I get a termporary block, what should I do? My settings are very light, 20 follow per day. I really don’t know what to do. With EM was worst, I had temporary block avery 3 hours, with api it’s pretty better, but I still getting temporary block every 24/48 hours.


So I’ve been chatting to Jarvee support over the past week now and have things running on API and using a scrape account.

Day 1: 12 follows
Day 2: 42 follows
Day 3: 47 follows

On Day 4 now and turning on Unfollows as had a block on that.

Increasing follows now by 20 a day. Have night mode running from 8:30am until 11:30pm so all actions are done at night. Running on a henry cooper mobile proxy.

Let’s see what happens from here