Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked


Full API emulation?


Thats the exact thing happened to me 2 months ago. We dont use JV but our system auto fix the soft block so we wont keep on doing it since we handle hundreds of accounts and impossible to do all day. Fyi Im actually the only one managing all accounts thus really frustrating to keep fixing per day before so I had a solution already. I left it to work and no AC hard block here. Soft block, yes it’s normal on my end



Fixed soft block without getting lead into hard block, PV, and AC
Do you mind sharing how do you do this pls sir.
Even how you this manual is also enough for me.


from my experience it depends on account and proxy. mostly account, some just get blocked much more frequently. try pairing with different proxy and see if it fixes issue


You should give enough time for account to rest from the time Action Blocked happened. If you went too fast to fix it you will get AC from IG. Our system tries to hit 200 but starts of with low follow count but in 3 days the goal of the system is to reach 200 action follows


Thank for the reply, do you also set the limit to these? Do you think of we keep solve softblock its going accumulate up and lead to AC, PV in the end?


please update the report :slight_smile:


Limit in terms of fixing? So far 2 months no issues of AC. PV yes for few maybe 5 percent of my clients but but clients never get AC.


Relogin and then slowly turn on your actions


Also Don’t use API for AC, EB + 4g won’t lead to AC.
The thing is when IG detect a bot it when an impossible jump happened.
When going from profile A to profile B once thay have no connection … it is a bot.


@kjc09 thanks for that. So what do you raccomand to do? Should I leave the soft block and do nothing ? But the only wat that I found to solve the problem of temporary block is to reset ids and re log in, but it is quite dangerous I guess.

Ps: I tried in this day to do operation EB + API and I get account compromised, OMG!

I don’t know what to do!

IG temp blocks (logout - login) With JV

What actions are you doing? We only do EB and no Api


Who has actually had success with this setup ?


@Orel_Sasi I noticed in your screenshot you’re using Browser Experience. This is something I haven’t ever heard talked about. But just did some googleing and I can’t see a reason not to have it on. I also see you have it turned off on two accounts. Can you further explain to me how you’re utilizing this feature? Feel free to PM me if you’d rather not share on here.


I’d also be interested please :pray:t2:


PV happens only when other person use the account at the same time, I had no PV’s or EV’s with EB, AC’s only on those which were posting via mobile phone + EB


Facebook pixel know where your browser visited.
This is faking the visit.
Better use but with random websites I guess.
You can have facebook pixel extension for chrome so you can know which website have it.


That’s not quite true my friend :slight_smile: Many things can lead to PV and EV


I attend to get PV when posting pics.


2 accounts are not turned off its just not their active days
also im using both eb and api with slave accounts on them to scrape
what more u want u ask you can pm me anytime