Jarvee's Guide To Not Getting Blocked


That’s false info. There are plenty of things that can lead to a phone verification. The fact that you believe the only thing that causes it is someone else logged in the account at the same time, says you have alot to learn.

There’s enough misinformation floating around here, no need to add to it.


@Orel_Sasi thank you for answering. I will PM you with additional questions.

But for those using a scraper account, one thing I don’t understand. How are you monitoring statistics such as followback ratio when using a scraper account? I currently am not using any scraper accounts and I’m having trouble with blocks. I think using a scraper account and having the main account do less API calls is great. But if I’m not getting any data about my follow sources, that seems like a deal breaker to me. How am I supposed to evaluate my follow sources without any data?


I think it give you the source.
Anyway you can set scrapping only with specific tag …


Replying to my own question above… Well for anyone wondering, I figured this out. Under the scraper account follow tool, under “Extracted Users” tab, when clicking on “Add Accounts”, there is a small box that pops up to choose your main account. At the bottom a checkbox reads “Remove Poor Quality Sources”. If you hover over this check box, it will give you a description of how it works. Seems to be fully built into J. I swear this wasn’t there before. Perhaps it was added in a recent update? Not sure, but really happy to see that option there.


Nah its been there for longer


do it visual, export resutls to excel file and apply filters to see which source is working good.


Well then I definitely missed it! But it’s there!


Recently i used Jarvee, but everytime after 10 likes i got an error when i browse instagram with my computer:
“Please wait a few minutes before trying again”
How to avoid that?


I have ran these settings for 8 days now, adjusting the follow settings slightly each day, and here are the results

Day 1: 12
Day 2: 42
Day 3: 47
Day 4: 15 (something stopped for some reason)
Day 5: 72
Day 6: 81
Day 7: 90 (Jarvee said I had an action block right at the end of the cycle but didn’t seem to be there on my mobile when I checked after)
Day 8: 121

Unfollows have been blocked since Day 1 when I managed 17. Not sure what to do as follows seem to be working and if I reset device ID’s will it mess that up potentially? May try that today anyways and see.

This account has been one I have automated for years now so I’m guessing very well warmed up which probably helps

Now as much as this seems great…I also set up another account (one that’s been active (no f/uf though) for a few years) to see what would happen there.

Used exactly the same settings, starting slow and building up and this was the results…

Day 1: 7 Follows / 11 Unfollows

Emailed Jarvee and they recommended to rest for between 24-48 hours, reset device ID’s and try again so did that and then…

Day 3: 11 Follows / 5 Unfollows

Emailed Jarvee again to see what I could do and they said

"Make sure that you stop the blocked tool during that time while it’s blocked and after that period is gone then you can try to use it again. Before you start it please Reset your Device IDs and verify account again.

Also, if none of our tutorials and suggestions worked, you may consider changing your proxy as well. You can test proxies from 2-3 different proxy providers until you find the ones that work good for you"

I’m currently using Henry Cooper. Does anyone know any other affordable proxies I could try now? I am thinking it may just be worth getting a spare laptop and running my own 4G as that seems like it would be the safest.

Let me know any thoughts x


Dmitrii I sent you DM, Thanks


lol how did you do that with no issue ?


I’m still trying to work this out myself lol The main thing about this account to any other account I’ve tried to work on is I have automated this account for years so I’m guessing Insta might see a high amount of actions as normal. Any other account I’m having issues with.


did you saw a difference between aged account and non aged ones
and what about intervals ?


Hi all guys. I poorly speak on English, but if you need a aid, write me in lichku, I will try you help. Can’t answer directly, because it is not always connected. And I do not take money, I help for free, because I came here to share experiences


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Guys, I use API + scraper on 95% of accounts. Here the entire trend in nuances work and in delays on time.


your follow and unfollow settings, please capture


The point is not in the settings. The essence of the nuances. All my accounts work only at night. when customers are asleep and not logged in to their profiles. I also leave filtering by gender and language on the main pages. since the account must still perform any actions, even the minimum in addition to subscribing and unsubscribing. All the basic filtration I leave on the scrapers. I use my 4G proxy with reconnect 1 time in 5 minutes. On one proxy I put no more than 8 accounts


I have done 30-40 subscriptions, after binning goes for 60-90 minutes. And after again makes 30-40 subscriptions. Also, if your accounts received a sufficient number of locks. Leave them to rest for 48 to 72 hours to start


I first do it with my hands, check how best everything works with my hands. Then I transfer all actions that I did in Jarvi and configure there.