Jarvve no longer working?

All of my operating client accounts received temporary suspension.
It can be done after phone verification.
I believe there was no coincidence for this matter.
Instagram recently announced the action for targeting zombie accounts and punishing for buying fake followers.
Do this all things related to Jarvee?


Nope. There something different wrong with your setup. Proxies?

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As fokus said, check your proxies and additionally check your settings maybe they are too high

i had yesterday same problem … + i’m using 4g proxy + had warmup settings very low. but my 4g proxy is rotating every 3 minutes maybe it’s to fast :sweat_smile:

I am curious what setting you guys are using?
Like mine, I follow 500 users per day for each client.
Is it too many?

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Lol, for me the same I don’t know if it is IG, Jarvee or the proxies put suddenly all of my proxies stopped working… You guys think IG might have something to do with this? Like shutting down the proxies or something?

I have history of accounts being suspended permanently. So I have to take it seriously.
Looking for master to reply

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What do you mean with “it can be done after pv”?

Accounts were reactivated once verification was done

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Hm, so all accounts were suspended at once? If so, the only option I can think of is that IG somehow tracked all the proxies back to your ip and saw thus the connection between all your clients’ accounts… As Jarvee in itsself is running smoothly…

Currently I also have the same problem where my new accounts get instantly pv. I am not using jarvee though

yes exactly, All of a sudden all accounts were suspended at the same time.
If proxies are the problem, what should I do?

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or using any other similar softwares?

Are you using residential/mobile proxies or normal datacenter-ips?

I’m using another software and have no problems on my end, for now…
did you get your clients accounts back up and running after a 6 digit code verification again?


I have literally done everything and am still getting PV on just some specific accounts…

Wonder if Jarvee is accidentally leaking my real IP for some accounts.

I say this because for 3 of my clients accounts, there was an SMS verification request within 37 seconds of each other and all accounts have their own residential proxy via buypersonalproxy.com & each are on separate proxy with separate subnet.

I’ve tried removing accounts from proxy being used and just use my VPS proxy to test. I’ve also tried doing PV with a more expensive phone number ($0.30-$0.40 per SMS instead of $0.12 chinese SMS). Continue to run into the PV issue. Only since the latest update.

What the heck is going on?!!?!


It seems there are a lot of people having trouble with getting banned and PV lately. No one knows exactly what’s happening, a reason could be that Instagram started to cut down on allowing people using bots/automation.

A majority of people blame bad proxies and settings but leave out the fact that IG is looking at more actions other than liking, commeting, unfollowing, saving and following.

For example, what you do in the app, what you view for how long, where you tap and what you tap on, just to name some.

A lot of apps do this to better analyze data and so far, even though Instagram knew people were using automation they’ve tolerated it.


I also want to know

Am I getting this right?
If PV were shown while we are using Jarvee, Instagram will keep an eye on those accounts and closely monitoring afterward?

I am having no issues with Jarvee. Try different proxies.

Just because it’s a residential or mobile IP doesn’t mean its not flagged…