[JOURNEY] M/S method on Twitter

So I haven’t really posted all that much on MP Social and felt it was time to put myself out there a bit more.
Full disclosure I am no tech wiz but I read a lot of good content on this website and look all across the web to learn more about internet marketing.
I am from the UK but I reside in the USA…not much relevance but just thought you should know :crazy_face:

I feel by documenting my ventures I will hold myself more accountable to continuously post in hopes that you guys will have some form of interest in seeing what I am up to and maybe joining me on the journey. :smiley:

I am currently looking to build up to a stable 100 accounts all promoting the same main account. I am also looking to get to 1000 followers in a single day.
This is an adult themed account and I am monetizing it.
There isn’t really much of a goal as far as money as that will follow along with the first two goals when I achieve them.


As you can see this is a pretty new acount. Though I have been pleasantly surprised with the growth early on. I have managed to grasp twitters limits and what is and is not working currently. This has allowed me to not spend too long testing before starting to scale. I am doing these numbers with 31 accounts currently.
The bot I am using is struggling with regards to twitter right now so the last few days took a hit but got it back on track now.

Daily Limits

  • Follows: 180-200 Max

  • Unfollows: 200-220 Max

  • Retweet: 1

  • Direct Messages: 40

As far as the Proxies go I am using a mixture of 4g and data center to see how this effects the accounts in the long run. I am using 4g proxies from someone in the forum,
though I am not going to say who. Just know if you get stuck on certain areas when doing this that I found all my solutions in this forum.
As far as PVA goes this was a tricky one! :expressionless: I used google voice accounts top start with but seemingly twitter has caught on to this and stopped the use of those numbers. :sob:
Sim cards are the way I believe and that is the direction I am taking.
Keep reading, keep learning.

To Sum Up
I am looking to make friends along this journey and exchange ideas in hopes to further improve each other. If you have any questions please post them in the comments as opposed to sending me a message. This is in hopes that others will be able to see and maybe find valuable information to help them along their journey.
If you see any ways I could further improve this as I continue to update the journey feel free to let me know. I am all for constructive criticism! :grin:
I hope this wasn’t too painful to read through and you still have some interest :sweat_smile:
If so be sure to follow along and I look forward to hearing from you! :blush:

Current Stats

  • Main Account: 3466 followers

  • Network Accounts: 12,560 followers/ 31 accounts


Nice, I will follow this. imo you are well prepared and know which direction to take. Boting twitter with online sms verification is useless, sim cards are definitely the way to go.

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Thanks for the kinds words. I completely agree with you there. Realized that when I added a virtual number and as soon as I tried to remove it, it then asked for another.
You might give your accounts a few more days or a couple weeks but a pointless use of resources for sure.

Thanks for sharing @thatbritishguy, hope you’ll get there :smiley: Cheers

I will follow this one

I would say the biggest hurdle with Twitter botting is figuring out the phone verification issue. Sounds like you have that figured out with using real sims but what is the cost of this and how efficient is it? Can you scale big using real sims?

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The way I am doing it is going to be very cost effective as they will also double down for my instagram side of operations. It remains to be seen how effective they will be. I will be testing them in the next couple weeks to see. Still waiting on their arrival.
I did test some of them and they had positive results!

Good luck on your journey! How many users do you typically follow each hour? I’ve never had any blocks, but I’ve been keeping my hourly follow limit extremely low- would be nice to speed things up a little.

between 30-50 an hour I believe…I will double check on that.
Twitter does not seem too bothered by how quickly from what I have seen so far but I am still pretty new.
I am just taking what I did on instagram across to twitter at this point.

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Wait so if u have 100 accs. how u gonna keep track of 100 sim cards? wouldnt that be hard

I purchased a few hundred mini resemble bags. Going to have 1 sim per bag and label it. Going to have to be very organized in this department. It shouldn’t be too hard in all honesty.

Quick update My main got 161 followers today.
Things are slowing up a touch as the bot im using to run my accounts is still dealing with issues with Twitter. That should be taken care of pretty soon though and then back to full steam ahead.

Today I have been setting up a dongle for the 3 new bots I have. The first one will create gmail accounts and feed it to the two other bots that will create instagram and twitter accounts for me. It has a script to enable an disable airplane mode in order to change the IP.
All of these will be getting created off my 4g connection here in the states.
This is going to enable me to scale a lot quicker than in the past and hopefully reach the 1000 followers a day goal quicker than I had anticipated.

Hey, could you estimate the budget for running something like this, by the way, are you using Jarvee ? Or something else?

I am using jarvee. For twitter it has not been great recently due to an error with the follow tool. Budget wise I can’t really say for now as I am trying multiple things to find the most effective for the lowest price. Once I figure it out I will let you know.
I will say that data center proxies appear to be working.

Thanks for sharing your journey. I really appreciate it.

If you don’t mind me asking, where do you get content from?

I do have 2 Twitter accounts (motivation, marketing, making money, etc) and I do struggle to schedule everything.
I’ve been looking into using RSS feeds, but engagement itself is hard to achieve (i.e likes and RT’s on scheduled tweets) you need to be part of several engagement groups…

So this is where I have found really good results…I am just retweeting my main accounts content. Not only has it been another way for people to find my main but also has driven the engagement up on my main account also.

While my main has around 4k followers…combine that with my network of accounts that have around 13k followers I am getting my tweets out to way more people than just the 4k I have on the main. Though the beauty is my engagement rate is just based off the 4k folowers.
I am promoting an offer as well from it and I have started to monetize this.
It is going well so far.

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You’ve got unique, your own content?

Would you consider taking on m/s clients in non adult niche?

Yes. I don’t run the main account myself but it is unique content that then gets retweeted by all the other accounts in the network.

I would consider it once I scaled my current setup. As I have mentioned I now have automated creating gmails, twitter, and instagram accounts and am bulk ordering sims for pva process. Once I am able to test these accounts out and the numbers I will attach to them and I am still achieving the same results then I will feel far more comfortable offering it as a service.

I would then go about setting up a sales thread here in the forum.
So for anyone else that may see this and be interested there is no need to DM me for now over this. :+1:t2:

Just join along on my journey and ask away :blush:

I’ve been super keen on M/S for Twitter. I just found that MP didn’t offer enough features with Twitter. A simple email imap for example isn’t available, so you would have to manually email validate when necessary. How are you handling this?

I am now using sim cards for verification. It never asks to put in email and even if it did it gives you the choice on how to verify an account if needed. phone or email. I just choose phone every time and have no problems with it.
Though I totally agree with the options being limited. I wish they gave a little more love to it.