(Journey) M/S Twitter


I have read a lot of good Threads on here from 1-2 years back about Twitter & Jarvee.

But there haven‘t been a lot of new input lately so I thought about documenting my own Journey and sharing what I learn along the way here


Growing an Account to 5,000 in the next 3 Months, Monetizing it and getting to 10k/m within the next 6 months.

Pretty ambitious goals I know, but I did it before without any botting

Initial Plan

Since the account is completely fresh the first 1,000 followers will be tedious.

On my main account I will:

Tweet 5-10 times a day

Comment 30 times

Probably join an engagement group

With the bot accounts:

I will do the first testing with 10-20 Accounts, Jarvee & some private proxies.

Once I have been able to test the limits of the initial accounts I will be increasing it to 30 in the first 3 to 4 weeks.

Regarding the phone verification I know it will need to use own Sim Cards at some points but at the beginning my own phone number & the one of my family have to do the job.

Here are the settings for the first week:

20-50 Follows a day

30 unfollows a day

1-3 Retweets a day from the main account

I will not be doing any DM stuff since I‘ve seen a lot of people getting flagged for this. Might be testing it in the future


If you see any ways I could improve I‘m always open for any help & critiscm

The whole thing will go live on January 7th, 2022. I‘m still on vacation until January 5th will set everything up until then and get started at this point.

Shoutout to thatbritishguy for inspiring me to do this, don‘t know if he is still active on here but his Journey is worth a read



Keep me up to date, if you want to share what your doing I’ll do it as well and feed back

nice. Keep us posted.

be careful with the follows/unfollows, as much as possible do not have them running at the same time… you can allot a specific interval for follows, then another one for unfollows… having them running at the same time is highly suspicious since you cannot do those actions at the same time if you were manually using Twitter.


Thank you for the Tip @Jessi

Will definitely make sure to not set actions at the same time

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Best of luck, keep us posted :muscle: :pray:

Been interested in Twitter lately - what’s your monetization strategy going to be?

While waiting for op, you might want to check these guidelines from TW first Content Monetization Standards | Twitter Help

Short Update Guys:

I have been in Malta for Vacation, my flight has been cancelled on Jan 5th, I will be flying back tomorrow. So it will go live on Monday Jan 10th.

In the Meantime I have bought 10 Aged Accounts, that are E-Mail verified, got a VPS with 16GB RAM & 6 Cores and some private proxies so everything can start on Monday.

Thank you for this!

I have monetized an account before by selling a course, never had problems with Twitter policies

So the first 2-3k followers I will just be pushing out a Survey around my niche.

This way I know what people want & their objections. This will also help further growth since I can create content around their objections.

Once I have enough Info I will be creating a Webinar & sell people a Beta Course at the End.

Then I will teach them live, get awesome results for them & create the course at the same time.

Once that’s done I will automate the whole Webinar & push the offer.

You can use the Jarvee Social Exchange tool for that. Give it a try and see if it meets your needs.

Good luck with your journey :muscle:

hey Colin! I am on a similar journey. running 40 twitter accounts on jarvee but I am having difficulties on the monetization part.

Infoproducts? Cpa? pod? i am going crazy as I don’t know what offer to pursue.

Any help will be appreciated :sunny:

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After initial Proxy, Account & VPS Problems (yes, all at the same Time)

I managed to set everything up 2 days ago.

The first thing I did was letting the account casually browse through Websites & Twitter. Then I changed profile pictures, Bios & Headers.

Tomorrow I will start with RT’s + Follow on the 10 accounts

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Good luck, it’s great to have a very detailed plan as you do.

Any news updated?


10 Accounts have been running smoothly for a month now.

I have been slowly increasing the amount of actions they do per day.

The main account got the first 2,000 Followers in 1 month, which is okayish but still according to the plan.

I got no phone verification so far.

My next steps are going to be the following:

  1. Increase the number of accounts
  2. Pick 1-2 Accounts and increase the Actions on them to the max to test out the limits
  3. Find out the limits & increase actions of the following accounts
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I’m trying to start the same journey after being away from Twitter. How much follow / unfollow actions can you max out at the moment?

It differs per account but Twitter has been strict lately. So, don’t go over 50 follows in a day for the first week, then gradually increase your daily limits after.

I thought it’s time for update to you guys since a lot of stuff happened.

The new account I created got to 5,000 Followers within the first 2 months and made about $4,500 in Profit from selling a digital product, which is not too bad but not the money I settle with so I decided to kill it…

A friend of mine made $5,000,0000 in 3 Months selling an NFT so that’s where I’m heading to now.

I got the Art & Roadmap created for the Project and I’m ready to start with 15-20 Slave Accounts to grow the mother account. My Collection has 10,000 NFT’s at the price of 1 Sol which is currently $90. If I sell out this is going to be $900,000 which I think is very doable in the next 2 Months if it works as well as the other project.

As always if you have any questions let me know and if you want me to create a new Thread explaining what I do let me know