[JOURNEY] Running 30 Slaves From Scratch

I decided to start a small journey thread documenting my setup of running 30 fresh slaves from 0 using Jarvee

The mother that i will be boosting is a hot babe niche. Here are my setup:

1. HQ Handmade Blank Accounts made with 4G
2. 4G proxy hosted at my house

Each proxy runs 10 account, the proxy is set to auto-rotate every 5 - 10 minute

3. Scrapers account: none
I scrape all the users that i will interacting outside of Jarvee and hence my setup will be only to
follow specific users

I will be using EB only to perform all actions on these slaves.

For the first few days i will only be following 10-25 per day and increase that by 5-10 daily. On day 3-4 i will be reposting some image to the account

I expect a few accounts to die/locked along the way, but that is normal and is the norm of the game. Slaves are made not to last forever, but I strive to keep them as long as i can, that is the initial goal

Today i just loaded all of them into the software and running the warmup phase

Will update a couple of days on the progress. Ask any questions below and i’ll be more than happy to answer


Why did you not buy pre-warmed up accounts as child-accounts. This can save you a lot of time - because pre warmed up accounts have already a pretty high trust score, hence the ban rate of these accounts are incredibly small.

Are you doing your scraping on your own with another software or are buying data?

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Why do you think auto-rotate is good for proxy? Do you just think or have you tried it?

Good luck on your journey!

You mind telling us how much the physical hardware cost you? How long did it take to set up and did you have to hire outside help?

because i want total control of how the accounts are made… the accounts i use are made by my team and is the one currently i sell on the store

i am scraping with my own software

because that is the natural way of a real phone, that it moves and switches towers and hence the IP changes… also since i am putting 1 proxy per 10 acct, it is done that way to avoid redundancy

each dongle costs me $50, the hub costs $150 ish… took me a week or so to setup


Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward for the update!

I think your limits are a bit too aggressive with EB, most people wait a week or two before even starting the follow tool :joy:

Good luck with your journey!


I agree. Does seem quit fast for a warmup. Even with aged accounts I would go slower than that. But, I’m guessing this is a learning experience for him. So, it’s a good test to figure this stuff out for himself.

3rd day update, 3 out of the 30 accounts died… mostly i think just bad account creation
added email to the rest of the accounts and confirm the email as well, to boost up account trust score
journey continues

i plan to post 1-3 content to some of the accounts today

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I think you went to fast with the warmup man or accounts got linked.

See how they go after a week. First week is the hardest.

if it was too fast, all accounts would die within a week
we’ll see

accounts got linked seemed more logical or bad acct creation

my theory of doing automation is simple. mimic what a real user would do in real life
if i were a new user that just signs up using ig, during the 1st week i would love to follow more people (of course in a humanly range) as i want to see more content… 10-20ish per day seems logical

Just my suggestion man. Every slave I have run (accounts made by myself) in the last six months has survived. Not a single one has died or got email/ phone verification. This is hundreds of slaves, so just my advice. So, you may be right, I just stick to my method that is basically 100% working for me.

Anyway, keep at it!

looks good aditya15417, one thing tho, I would recommend having some scrapers and setting that, not for scraping users but for the safety of the main account as you know scrapers are not only for scraping users they mainly exist for API calls so even if you have data already scraped the main account still need to do API calls no matter what and having scrapers will help with that, that’s just my opinion but I’m eager to see how it goes, good luck buddy.

True, scrapers are not only responsible for scraping follows, they’re responsible for syncing, scraping unfollowers, and a bunch of other API calls that can be very risky to your mains. If you already scrape your followers using an external software you won’t need a lot of then, I’d say 2-3 scrapers per main account is more than enough.


two accounts asked for 24h review, after verification using the same sim card it was created… this is expected and will continue with the others while replacing this account… the rest of the account are warming up strong

fully aware of this… but i don’t use this setup… why ? think of a real IG app … does your account X logged on the IG app , uses another account Y to do the API calls ? to me that kinda sounds fishy sending an API call that is supposed to be made from account X in account Y… anyway if that works for you then its good… there are many ways to do this… i am just sharing my method :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

my method is to mimic as close to possible as what a real user in a real app, and a real app does not need to use extra accounts to send the API calls… it sends using the actual account it self

doing everything as humanly as possible

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I am following this journey. good luck! :slight_smile:

I don’t see it that way. When syncing, it’s like you’re using account Y to visit the account X’s profile, sees the number of followers, followings, posts etc. This is normal actions from an IG user on IG app. When Unfollowing, account Y just gets the account X’s followers and validate them before the account X starts unfollowing them.

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The issue is that to use jarvee it needs to make api calls unless you use scrapers. So, making your accounts do api calls is nothing like doing it like a human would as people don’t use api.

Ive tried that method myself and got lots of follow blocks and verifications, scrapers avoid this as @ossi pointed out

I agree with the part where you are saying that as long as it works for you then it’s okay. There is no just one correct way. Each method is good one if it’s working fine.

I wish you best of luck :slight_smile:

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I agree with Ossi, take the syncing as an example, it’s a perfectly normal act but both the main and the scraper’s account benefits that’s from our point of view, and IG sees it as a normal activity.

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Amazing journey! Thanks for it :slight_smile:

A real phone don’t change its IP each 5 minutes.

Legit IG users that use a real phone with natural rotation (1-2 ip change per day) stay connected for long hours to the same cell tower. Changing cell tower each 5 minutes is not natural.

Is there any reason why you rotate your proxy each 5 minutes?

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