Jrv Bot: 4G mobile proxy

How many accounts can you connect to a 4G proxy for Instagram?

It depends, some say up to 10 per proxy, depends on proxy quality

depends on the proxy
if shared with other customers or no.

like others said depends on proxy - i have one which has 13 accts working fine.

Another with 5-6 different providers to see which works best.

What is your purpose? Are you going to use the proxy on costumer account or slaves?
Depending on your proxies.
Doing costumer accounts I would do 1:1
Doing slaves, as many as it can do. 1:10 etc.

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bro is it possible to use proxies 1:20. Like 10 accs 11.59 pm to 11.59 am. The other 10 accs 12:30 pm to 11 pm.

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Depends on the type of 4g you get

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With AirProxy I can run 10 profiles

@MojoJojo please remove this as it has software name in title.

Only customer accounts. We have 6 bigger accounts which are all very sensitive - so they need to work well.

Not anymore :slight_smile:


I’m going to buy private proxy 4G, what time interval is the best to change ip?

10 minutes? 1 hour?

It can be done, but I personally am not doing it. But I have seen it be done on this forum with success. As long as it is slave accounts, one goes down, you just create more. But on client accounts absolutely NO in my oppinion. Client accounts I only do 1:1.
The quality of your proxies matters also as I stated above. Either create your own or use quality proxies.

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I am using 9/ proxy. In 3 8 hours batches.

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I’m using 15 accounts per 4G proxy (I build my own 4g proxies).

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You’ve got any decent tutorials for that?
I mean building own 4G proxies? @instagod

Na nothing yet. The things you need is a 4g dongle, unlimited sim and a raspberry pi 3 or 4 (3gb+).

I gotta dig into raspberry pi.

I have got the rest

cant find a 4g proxy for cheap its hard to find. I tried henry cooper but they donthave stocks for now. I tried indian proxy provider and it didnt work for me. Do you know about cheap proxies?

Currently using High Proxies and I have been getting blocked for all of my accounts accept for my verified accounts. Not sure what other proxy providers don’t cause issues.