Jrv Bot: 4G mobile proxy

There are some providers on bhw for $20, $35, $50, $75. Those are the current prices I’ve seen.

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seperate into 8hours for 5accounts?

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Thank you very much sir

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Why use a raspberry P3 instead of your own personal computer? Thank in advance

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If you dont live in Thailand, I think there is literally no point using HC proxies.
It has to be same location and same device ID as the mobile devices running the IG account

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I think even if you use the same IP etc IG will detect that you perform actions from different devices. I would suggest to run only automatiation when your clients doesnt use the app.

I dont think this matters anymore.The client will use the app at some point. Even if its 3 days later, IG is still receiving logins from 2 different devices which is suspicious for IG and they drop blocks automatically. I think thats why everyone is experiencing blocks now. Jarvee has to log in into IG with the same info as the one from the phone. Otherwise it raises flags. ALso has to be the same location.

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Most large accounts have multiple logins from software pulling metrics etc. Please tell me how you have come to ‘it raises flags’.

i don’t think this is the point I’ll have compromissed messages on ACC which are generated via Jarvee and are only running in jarvee they are not connected to real smartphone

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you got to run jarvee on a proxy through your phone using 4G not wifi . this is the only way it works without problems. If you want to manage clients it gets complicated. I think you can run 10 accounts per phone.

Can you elaborate on this a bit more? Process wise.

do you intend to create 4g proxies with the phone?

bruh make a tutorial video we will give you tons of likes and respect :slight_smile:

You can put up to 20, it’s depend of the proxy quality

I squeeze 15 accounts on one 4g proxy

Scored a Huwaei 4G dongle 150MBPS on ebay £9.50 :grinning: any that come up i buy, I dont know if Voxi know that the unlimited sims are great for what we do £10!


It still does though

Changed it (if i’m allowed to). No more software names @isamfi

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I build my own 4g for costumers, same location 3-4 on one ip, and still getting many blocks.
Maybe the subnet is full (and not the ip it self) but who knows ?