Jrv Bot: 4G mobile proxy


I build my own 4g for costumers, same location 3-4 on one ip, and still getting many blocks.
Maybe the subnet is full (and not the ip it self) but who knows ?


There’s an app that can make a proxy out of your personal phone connection (or any other android phone/tablet for that matter)

Try searching for it here on the forum. I’ve got 2 devices set up and no problems so far, other than the fact that they have to be on all the time.


I need to move my servers closer to the cell tower. :thinking:


im using an old android phone at the moment and my signal indicator is “H+” I dont think the phone supports 4G connection. I know my speeds may not be that fast but does it matter?





oh wow… best i get a better old phone lol


I was like maybe 50 yards from the cell tower, but behind a big white van. When I tested.


Best you pitch a tent there :wink:


Or install the server in the service station next to the cell tower!


@perttu what proxy app do you run on your 2 android devices?


Not sure if I can say names but here’s the topic discussing it:

Some people say that it sells your info so I can’t really recommend it but I’ve been using it only for child accounts and I’ve got unlimited data plans so I haven’t been looking at data consumption at all. If there’s a better one I’ll gladly change but I haven’t found one yet-


Thanks for your fair comment, I never sell any proxy info of the end user, even I never sell proxies untill now. I don’t know why the people slandering me, and it’s free for general user, just with some concurrent limitations, pls feel free to use it.
Again, I don’t sell the proxies, just sell the solution !


thank you, appreciate this


My experience has been only positive so far :slight_smile: