Just got here...what should I know

I think the title explains it all :slight_smile:

Where is the best stuff? Any particular posts you would recommend?

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Welcome to the family!!

Basically this is your crash course from your LVL1 Sensei, Jay. I’m here to help all of the new peeps as much as I can. So here are some points to know right off the bat.

  1. Don’t pm @wortime.
  2. Same with @BrandonBerner. Buy him coffee first :wink:
  3. Just kidding, just don’t spam or beg about wanting to get something like you will see most newbies do.
  4. There is a ranking system in this forum, and you advance by contributing valuable original content to help others.
  5. The juiciest info is in the higher ranks, Lvl 1, 2, and 3 accordingly. Refer to point 4 concerning this.
  6. Whilst you start your journey to the higher levels, check out all the topics you have access to now, thousands of posts to choose from.

I recommend starting out by checking out this cool hashtag guide this totally random dude created about a week ago :grinning: