Just signed up for autotokker

still 30 dollars just for one account?

Does anyone know if there is much dif between “Autotokker” and “Tryjeffrey” ?
one costs 30$ and the other about 22$ / month.


I’m sure you mean Jrv (might want to edit your post)

Yea I’ve only used it for one account

UPDATE: Posted my first viral video 5.5 million in 2 days and 15k followers from it.

I honestly have no idea why it went so viral I posted it around 9 pm on christmas day.
I posted it to another account right after and it has like 17 views.

Just seems like a dream result.

The video is just a repost and has more views then the original now.
Pretty unreal to so many views that fast! Never experiences anything like this on any other social media platform before!

Now to try to figure out how to monetize!


Keep it up, and stay consistent,

What niche is your content in?

it’s my personal account so i’m not really sure :thinking:but that video is in the satisfying niche.


How much do you attribute the success to the automation program, and to organic?

I’m not sure but I did post the video to a account that doesnt have the bot running (200 followers) and the video got 20 views. And the account it went viral on (2500 followers) So i’m thinking it could be how my followers engaged with the video. And i gained those followers throught the bot.


Yeah i’ve never had a shadow ban from autotokker yet


Congrats on the huge video man! I am seeing similar results as well on two different accounts. It seems like you potentially get a boost on the first round of people seeing the video, which can help make it go viral. Keep up the good work :laughing:

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Any word from the Autotokker devs as to when they are releasing bulk license pricing? $30 per client is pretty steep. I spoke with them a few weeks ago and they said by Xmas but haven’t seen anything yet.


Damn drooling over this :drooling_face: gimme that bulk license


even better when the Jarvee Devs are coming up with a working tiktok bot

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Should be fairly soon I’d imagine. Heard similar things from them

Wow this is big time. How many followers now? Still climbing fast?

@Ben_Corry I’d love to know too. Any other viral videos?

im at 4 viral videos now 44k followers I went live today and made $2 lol I’m growing hella fast right now but i’ve also beenn posting like 10 times a day


When will TikTok botting be available for MP / Jarvee? Tried to add an account but says it’s not available at this time.


Good work. Yeah you have to pump out content. :stuck_out_tongue: It is the best strategy to grow imo.