Just signed up for autotokker

Autotokker working incredibly well already

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whats the video and what tags did you use

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Hey man, awesome results! I want to set up autotokker too for one of my businesses. Would you mind helping me set it up quickly? @Ben_Corry

Just followed you, you post a lot per day wao that could be a good strategy, do you repost from YouTube video or others Tik Tok

Also you are from America I see who is from there has a better chance of going viral

What is shadow ban? Is it like not visible to anyone?

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Yeah, only the people who follow you or search directly can see…

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Thanks Oolongo

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Update 254k followers
50 million views this week.
I actually canceled autotokker because I felt like I was growing too fast organically.

I still reccomend autotokker and I atribute my success to it in the beggining.


This account grew 250K followers in month? under one month of autotokker?

Do you repost videos from YouTube or Tik Tok?
Also what do you do if a video performs poorly?

I am going to catch you :sweat_smile::joy: 38k and picking up speed!

holy s*** lol

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Probably didn’t even need auto to begin with lol
Good results though!

Go live

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What advantage is there for going live when you’re starting to blow up?

Allright, going to give it a try, curious how that will go :blush:

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How long did you use autokker to get to 40K?

It took me about a month and a half perso :+1: You don’t really need it after your account pops though

It was a switch in content then i gained 40k in 1 day

Our account hasn’t poped after 2 month with it. I am wondering if it is because she is a preteen and Tik Tok does not push her vids. Our analytics show that her likes only comes from followers and profile?? Any suggestions to change that?

What was your content about?