Just sold $70000 in one day with my apparel store that has 30k follower on ig

no automation, only using IG ads/Influencer.
Instagram is rly great for e-commerce, love it


Great for you, congrats, but I don’t understand anything in the screenshot here. Could you enlighten me (us)?

Or… you just wanna brag? :slight_smile: if that’st the case, let me know so I can move it to Lounge :slight_smile:


Nice screenshot, I can only read the 7.233.912 which I assume are Japanese Yen (~70K $).

Can you tell us more about the ads setup?
Audiences, placements, budget, etc :slight_smile:

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This is just a page where it asks you for the registration data,

With this you do not show anything, are you Japanese?

I am not impressed

Looks like a checkout page

I’m japanese.
this is order management screen

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IG Ads
Budget: 400$/day(from fb business manager/instagram)
Audience: Age 13~34(no interest targeting)
Placement: IG Feed/Explore/Stories
and sale collaborate item with influencer(540k follower on IG)
Price on collaborate: $10000
collaborate item is not pure original item. just print on sweater/t-shirts


@Aixent keep up the work!

When I first started out in in eCommerce a few years ago I got really lucky on the first try too :smiley:

Make sure you save up some money for when campaigns don’t go your way. It will happen, sadly.


some influencer campaign failed before by outdated influencer/fake influencer.
so i won’t do these campaign with few budget. i will keep try to assign good influencer with bigger budget.
sometimes i will fail again but i will try to save money and using smart.

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That is the spirit :smiley:

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i just want to share my experience.
i was too excited when i open this thread.
can you move it other thread if that thread not appropriate

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Ads results on yesterday

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Very nice results, congratulations and thanks for sharing your experience!

About the ads placement, are you planning to do A/B testing with that 3 placements? Or do you find better to just let IG algorithm to decide which one to give more exposure?

Awesome job @Aixent, this deserves bragging :slight_smile:

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I’m using a translation so I may have a few things wrong!
I know this is a long sentence, but the following is my answer.

I basically let the algorithm optimize my ads. In my opinion, if you have a big enough budget that can get 50+ conversions in a week, you’re better off letting the algorithms do the work for you. In many cases, if you do the optimization yourself, you will have to experiment with different settings and it will take longer to meet the number of conversions you need to optimize.
Of course, we can modify our targeting when our conversion numbers drop, but basically when conversions drop, it’s often because the creative is bored or not seasonally appropriate, so throwing in new creative will improve it.
In my opinion, I don’t think targeting settings outside of similar audiences are that important if you have a big budget. (Of course, when testing with a small amount of money, I’ll try different settings! It depends on the time and circumstances.)

To summarize the targeting, I’d say

  1. Ad targeting for new acquisitions
    Targeting: country, region, age and gender.
    Excludes those with a purchase history.

  2. Retargeting ads
    Targeting: people with a history of purchases and those who are similar to them.
    The rest of the time, we’ll target people who have taken actions that are likely to lead to conversions.

Basically, I think IG ads depend more on the creative than the targeting. At least in the case of apparel stores.
It may be obvious, but in order to produce excellent results, the creative of the ad as well as the world of the site or Instagram account to which it transitions must be beautiful and of high quality.

Content is still king.


Thanks a lot for the detailed answer!

I heard quite often that it’s important to let the algo make his job. Thanks for confirming that :slight_smile:
And agree on the importance of the copy!

Wish you good luck with the business and keep scaling it! :sunglasses:


Congrats! Even $1 sales tell the tale of a fruitful journey ahead. Well wishes on your continuation

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How do you pay your influencers? PayPal?

What are device are you using for content? phone camera?

Nice achievement , as you said that you sell apparel, do you have your own factory or outsource it ? As I am currently planning to manufacture my own apparel but still counting the overall benefit