JV and CPU/RAM Performance

Hi MP Community.

Someone have Experience what power need a Windows PC to handle

150 Facebook Accounts 1 PC ( A )
150 YT Accounts 1 PC ( B )
150 LinkedIn Accounts 1 PC ( C )
150 Instagram Main Accounts 1 PC ( D ) (Maybe also with 150 Scraper accounts, but we will make not all tools and use just Tools and Settings that don’t make more than 1000API Calls a Day inclusive Scraping)

In the end 4 Different PC.

We also can connect this PC like a render farm. If 1 PC don’t need 100% resources the other PC that runs on 150% can take 50% of the PC that use 50%. Hope i could explain it good :sweat_smile:

Please don’t tell me take a VPN oder AWS Server. We don’t want this workaround.

Thanks for your Input and i hope someone can share the experience.

are you trying to run all these accounts on one PC? or multiple ones I can see there a total of 750 accounts.

I suggest to ask Jarvee support.

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To run 150 accounts, you need a PC with 10-core CPU and 32 GB RAM (FB, YT, Linkedin, YT) or 16 GB RAM (IG)


No PC can handle 600 browsers simultaneously and smoothly. You’ll need to divide your farm between a couple of PCs/servers

Sorry for misunderstanding i will change my Post for no more misunderstanding.

Thank i did. Just want to ask if you also have experience.

Sorry for misunderstanding i already change the Post.

We use a
Threadripper 2990wx
Fast SSD
Never had any issues up to 300 IG accounts (80/20 Scrapers/Slaves). Need a very stable fiber connection though :wink:

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Thank you Boris i always love your comments.

Ok yes i thought this would be the right CPU

Just 128MB SSD. We also will host the Content on this PC so i think we take 1TB. SSD.

Yes that would be my next question. How fast have to be the finer connection i think form technical stuff i can get each connection 300Mb/s Download and 50Mb/s Upload. Im waiting for 5G so than i can have 500MB/s Download and 70Mb/s Upload.

What you think is the minimum that you need?

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128GB RAM :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For internet I would stick with fiber or fixed line.
We use WienEnergie symmetrical 1000Mbit/s.
Otherwise just go with a business internet connection for stability.

What just 128MB RAM not 32GB how you do this :smiley: Boris is Magic :slight_smile:

Hmm I could have a Location where we also can Get 1K Mbit/s. But i Preference the Location with max 300Mb/s Download. / 50Mb/s Upload. I like this location because the are not many people around and so the 4g masts its free for us :slight_smile: And the people here don’t use Social Media but are enough That looks all Natural.

Do you think we can Handle all 600 Account (Without Scraper) With Scraper maybe 750 Accounts on this 4g masts with 300Mb/s Download?

Cheers and thanks for your help.

Uups… 128GB RAM of course :lying_face:
The issue with 4G or 5G would be the stability, but I’m sure it would still work. A fixed line would be just safer.
We have run on 4G before also and it worked, but it is our backup.

Ahh ok 128GB RAM i was wondering how you can handle all this with 128MB XD