JV EB not Green Result - Result Share

Hi to the Community,

We are close to archive that all our Technical setting is perfect and 100% Human Style. From JV Tool Settings to all the Proxy/IT/DNS/GeoLocation/Timezone/etc.

The only issue that we cant solve is the test with https://pixelscan.net

First of all the Result is red with the JV EB (and i try many real User Agent - Android Mobile and Windows 10 Google Chrome Browser). And the other bad result is that https://pixelscan.net tells me that he can detect that JV EB is a fake Chrome Browser.

Im sure if u are 100% Human Style and all is perfect and than the Social Media Platforms make also this test the can see that we use Fake Chrome Browser and Block us or bring our Accounts on all Platform in Danger.

So Please JV if u want to be the best fix this big issue.

@mpsocialcommunity please share your results with the EB of JV.

Maybe someone found a Workaround that this test is also all green and that it not showing that JV use a Fake Chrome Browser.