JV Export Result Tab Issue with Windows 365 Excel

Hi MP Social Community,

thanks for sharing so many great informations to improve our Social Media organic Grow.

Maybe I have a stupid question.

How can I set up Windows 365 Excel that JV can Export the Result Tap from all different tools as CSV and Exel Convert this CSV to a File with Strips and Columns. Now I get just all data in 1 Column and many Strips. With the ,

Can someone help me how to set up Excel that I can export everything well.

Normal im using Numbers and with the free tool “free excel viewer” all works fine.

Hope I could explain the issue well. Sorry for my English.


Try going to Settings tab in Jarvee and check this option:
See if it helps.


Please read the following article about that topic


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Thank you I found the issue and now it works fine :slight_smile: