[Keep Away From] ActProxy


I would just like to let you guys know about an extremely negative experience that I had with ActProxy, which is a fairly popular proxy site. This is my first time getting into marketing, so also the first time I have needed to buy proxies. Most sites seem to have just okay results, none seem to be 100% positive, so I decided to just pick one and go with it. I decided on ActProxy.

I ordered my Proxies, and after a few hours of not getting them (even though they boasted instant delivery for any orders under 300), I noticed that there was a banner at the top, saying that if you were waiting for proxies, you have to make a ticket. I thought nothing of it other than a little wasting of my time, so I go ahead and create a friendly ticket, asking for my proxies. I checked back a few times with no response, then check one more time probably 2-3 hours after making the ticket only to find that they deleted my ticket. Not closed it, but deleted it. It was nowhere to be found in my past tickets, and the link that they sent me when I opened it led me to a “not found” page.

Alright, strange. I guess I’ll make another ticket? So I do, again fairly nicely explaining what happened, that my proxies are still pending, and that my last ticket randomly got deleted. I went to sleep and the next day woke up to the site being down. Great, another day that I’m paying for my proxies without having them. Okay, next day rolls around and I open the site to find no response to my ticket still. At this point I’m pretty upset, and just want the proxies, so I request a refund through a ticket response and go over to another site (Blazing Proxies, who gave me my proxies almost instantly). Next day I check in to see if they’re going to refund me, only to find my whole ActProxy account deleted. The ticket link again links to “not found”, and if I do “forgot email”, my email doesn’t exist in their database. Fantastic, no way to contact them now. I checked my bank account and found that they double charged me. The original was $6.50, and they charged me another $6.50 when they closed my account.

I know it’s not a lot of money, but it’s still horrible customer service and they clearly should not be trusted with more money.

tl;dr, they closed my tickets after not delivering what they promised on, then closed my account when I requested a refund and double charged me, keep away from ActProxies if possible.


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Apart from the horrible customer service experience, you dodged a bullet with their proxies. I had many accounts banned before getting to the bottom of it all - the proxies from Act Proxy.


@Star if you need some like-blocked proxies , drop me a PM I can help you out .

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@Star Thank you for sharing your review here. I am new to this forum as well as to proxies and am literally in the market for making a purchase. I tried accessing the https://mpsocial.com/t/tools-list-of-proxy-providers-tools/23006 link you shared, @wortime but it said I did not have access.

You need to be level 2 or higher to access that thread. Once level 2 and up there is a ton of info about proxies and suppliers. There are no BS threads or biased reviews, just solid info.

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Thank you! I am brand new here, so I am learning. Can I send messages that are private or only in threads?

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You can send messages but you are very new so I doubt it. Read a bunch, ask GOOD questions in the right threads, and share good info and you’ll be level 2 or 3 soon.


Will do, thanks!