Keep posting, no matter what

I posted a video about an hour ago, and it got 6 views (including my own), so I thought I was experiencing the so called “shadowban”. People keep saying do not delete your TikTok videos, so I decided to keep it and make another one. 20 minutes after posting it, it got almost 12k views.

What I’m trying to say is, no matter how messed up this algorithm is, just keep posting content, and you’ll get there.


Currently trying to reach a US audience with a US SIM card.
VPN messed up my reach on my first account so I ended up starting over with a new login email adress.
Now I have zero views on my videos but the trick is probably to keep posting.
Did you also struggle at the beginning?
I have another account with 160k followers but honestly I don’t remember how my first videos were performing.

No, actually my first ever video got 39k views. Then I switched my SIM card, and views dropped drastically. It’s slowly building up now. I also deleted some videos that weren’t performing so well, which was a mistake, but since I already have a massive following base, I don’t feel like starting over. I just keep posting, and whatever happens. It also started pushing my older videos.


for me it was similar everything went wonderfully every day I posted videos and got good views and suddenly a video was blocked and the next videos got no views and thought because my video was blocked but it had nothing to do with it the videos were easy not good enough. some always think they have shadowban because they have no or low views, I think mostly it is only because the videos are uninteresting.
You should keep going no matter what happens. The views will come, we need patience and perseverance.


You guys are thinking the right way. Keep it up


Someone from the Marketing department at TikTok told me that deleting videos does not impact one’s account authority.

I don’t really believe in shadow ban either. But I’ve always been told that each video should reach at least a certain amount of people. Maybe TikTok is getting saturated with more people using the app during the pandemic. I don’t know.

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There is definitely a shadowban, and it lasts up to 14 days. And yes, TikTok pushes your video to a specific amount of people, and depending on the engagement, the system decides whether or not your content is good enough.

How did your video with 6 views end up doing ?

Seriously, every time I come and read what you guys are experiencing it happens to my account right after :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Still 118 views, which came from my followers. 0% fyp. The video after this one is currently at 49k views.


I really had no idea that TikTok may shadowban one video and let the other one thrive I thought the shadowban happens on the whole account…

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I’m not sure it was shadowbanned. I reckon it’s an issue with switching SIM cards. The system didn’t know where to push it, if that’s even possible. I don’t know.

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yeah, getting a shadowban on one video is strange, crazy algorithm tho :laughing:

I also constantly switch SIM cards

When you switch back to the one you use for tiktok do you log out and log back in before posting ?

Even my later videos now have much lower views😕

I do not logout. I simply close the app (iPhone user), switch the card, and reopen TikTok. My only concern has always been the different SIM card and WiFi location, but they don’t seem to care.


You make your own videos or from youtube?

If it’s only for one video, def not a shadowban. With a shadowban, you can literally post anything and it is going to perform like s***

My own videos. What’s the point of posting someone else’s work?

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Many people are only interested in gaining followers and they’ll post other people content to gain views.

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Oh, I see. I mainly use TikTok for fun, and to grow my Instagram account. I already got 6k followers from there.

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