Latest IG update and Jarvee

Ever since Instagram was down on friday I keep getting password resets on some of my accounts. Anyone else is struggling? I’ve turned off Jarvee for now but am wondering if anyone knows when it’ll be possible to use automation again?

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I have the same problem since Friday, all my accounts are temporary locked again and again (using 4G proxy, EB, 190 follow / 190 unfollow / 150 likes / 1500 story views)

A real struggle - also some issues since 1 week on the few accounts I tried to automate on the software…

Standard protocol here - nothing has changed for me.

Temporarily Locked is always something you have to do - that’s why we switched to Mother/Child only. Running a bot on client account is not a sustainable business mid/long term because of Instagram’s updates.

With a child account, password change / Captcha is no stress :slight_smile:

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Yes but I didn’t have any temp lock on 50 accounts for like 6 months and now suddently I got temp lock on ALL my accounts, even when I restart the automation the temp lock is trigger 5-10 hours later… I just decreased the actions speed to 165 and I will see if tomorrow all will be temp lock again or not

None of that has happened to me yet (Fingers crossed it doesn’t).

You guys using api or EB?

EB Only on main accounts. all api actions are going through scrapers.

Yeah I got a few temp locks and hard blocks recently, and also today I have a good amount of Captchas.

I noticed the accounts that got captcha and banned were bought accounts that might not have been the best quality

I am using full EB

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I don’t use jv had that happen on two of my fan accounts 1 instantly and other 30 mins in. Other than those no issues so I think problem was on my end. Love to hear others


Yeah I just noticed some of my newer ones have been hit. Havn’t checked my main slaves as I’ve been busy doing other stuff this week.

try to change from API to EB after verifying the accounts IG did some API changes lately. EB is working smoothly at the moment.

EB is NOT working smoothly right now. Lots of accounts are getting hit with PV and Temp Locks


I have many accounts doing basic stuff (follow, unfollow, likes, and posting) very few blocks and verifications monthly so for me it’s working fine, 1 main account per proxy, 3 scrapers for each main account, scrapers and main account are on separated proxies.

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I have 10 scrapers per client and they are getting hit hard with suspicious activity / change pass


Hi buddy!

Sam’s thing happened to me. Accounts that were created by me are working great. Accounts that I purchased are getting Capcha.

I am curious maybe that’s the main reason.

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Yes, it’s better to use API over the next couple of weeks as currently, API is working better than EB.

Yeah the captchas and temp locks etc. have calmed down and now Im not seeing any but it seemed like a little “wave” that Instagram had. I noticed most of the mine that got hit were bought accounts and probably not the best quality.

Im also testing a few full API accounts to see if its an EB issue

I feel exactly the other way around… scrapers were the only ones using API, and I can see a pattern where I switch the scrapers to EB and they are lasting longer.

Then stick to EB, what can I say :slight_smile: As long as it’s working, it really doesn’t matter what are you using.

Eb is working better is my option but even with that you should always switch between API and EB from time to time even if the EB is working fine, in my experience that helps the account look more natural

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