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Jesus, what are they thinking? I don’t know about you guys, but this seems absolutely, positively 100% useless from any perspective I look at it. What a waste of developer time…


Honestly, it just looks like they want to harvest more data from users. Imagine, tracking users 24/7- so weird.


Zuckerberg: “We’re losing a lot of users, less and less are using our platform daily…how do we fix this?”

Board member #1: “We could fix the app so the feeds update, people are not getting randomly blocked from doing actions, randomly disabled or simply unable to open the app without it crashing”

Zuckerberg: “You’re fired. Next?”

Board member #2: “Well you know how with Facebook people could update their status that used to give push notifications of changes to a person’s day that everyone got sick of and caused them to ignore all notifications from that platform? Let’s do that on Instagram now”

Zuckerberg: “Perfect!”


Lol this is just one of a lot of things, i heard mark zuckerberg gives the green light for the devs to start working on app similar to Tiktok. This dude does not left anything and copy it


Downloaded it and lost interest already lol

I guess after all the lawsuits about FB Messenger’s illegal user location data tracking they figured might as well make an app that openly tells you its tracking you … for “automatic status updates,” ha!

“Globally launched” - first thing I see is: this app isn’t available in your country :joy:


IG news for those who likes to stay updated


Well here is yet another one ladies and gents.

IG seems to add to the collection of restrictions.

Read news :wink:

Many of you may have realised this one already, but for those of you who haven’t yet. Guess what your boy/girlfriends, and ex. Boy/Girlfriends will loose half their power stalking you on IG now :wink:

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Damn… These Instagram guys really want us to perfect our skills


EXACTLY what i was thinking. You are quick bro. I like that :ok_hand::muscle:


Pretty soon we will witness the option of hiding followerslist and followingslist under privacy settings :man_facepalming:

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Nice share. Thank you for your great contribution :ok_hand::muscle:

Eventhough this news / feature is written about yesterday, I realise that it is launched and already fully integrated on IG app.


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thank you.

Yes , I have it integrated too on my personal accs.

Now it’s been some time since we have had some news regarding new features on IG.

Here you go folks. Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

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My friend sent me this about photoshopped images today too:


This is insane :neutral_face:
But I guess all this is due to the upcoming election.

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Hi peeps.

A longer text but very good info.

Enjoy and learn :slightly_smiling_face:


Recent IG feature.
Enjoy the news