Let’s talk about Giveaways...any success?

So I did a search prior to posting this and saw that someone started a thread about this a year ago and, though I respect all the information in it, I’m seeing so many “influencers” using these giveaways with amazing results. Some of these giveaway accounts are in private groups that you must answer questions to join. It seems like giveaways have “evolved” and I have to be honest guys. With all this Instagram craze lately, it sure seems like a nice option while riding out this IG madness. So I was wondering if anyone has any new data in the past year regarding giveaways in a positive💡light?

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giveaways are good if done correctly, otherwise - you piss off your followers (or they unfollow you in the worst case scenario). it takes knowledge and some brains to do a viral effect on a good giveaway - then you can hit a jackpot. i see many meme accs doing iphone giveaways and promote their own network of accounts by posting the same giveaway on multiple accs… if you have a brand - giveaways could be very good if done correctly


@pow Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I’ve been observing a few accounts for a week now and checking their followers and the returns for these influencers looks pretty phenomenal. I think if I pick a good giveaway and choose the “ghost” or secret option, I can avoid pissing off my followers.

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what do you mean by that? :smiley:

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@pow So these giveaways are offering me a few options.

  1. regular spot - post it on your grid at a certain time and then the next day as well
  2. stories spot - post it on your stories but not on your grid
  3. ”ghost” or secret spot - you don’t have to post ANYTHING. They just automatically add you to the list of people that must be followed in order to qualify for a chance to win in the giveaway. (This is what I want to do to avoid annoying my followers.)

ohh got it. yeah, ghost giveaways are good and popular, i see many of them, sometimes up to 10 accs are being mentioned in the caption and asks to follow each of them.


I think the “tag a friend/two friends” option still works.

Today I had visual confirmation for this method.

I met an influencer, 312k followers and we spoke a little bit about how the campaigns are run on the account.
One give away was offering 64 items in total, 8 different ones split by how expensive they were. Most expensive ones were only 2 pieces.

People had to tag 2 friends for a chance to win those items. The campaign was a legit one between the influencer and the brand.

One week later there was a reminder that the giveaway ends soon and the host asked again for the tags.

The day with the results everyone got their freebies.

Out of 312k followers:

  • 1st post got 17k likes and +300 comments
  • 2nd post got 13k likes but the comments were more this time, 400.

The analytics looked very good.

  • Total reach was +70k accounts for the first post. 40% were not following,
  • +65k for the second one. 30% were not following.

Well, I have a client who wanted organic growth, I made her the proposal, she told me it was too much and she couldn’t afford it.
She chose to do it herself, she jumped on the giveways.

After a month she returned with the account destroyed and the followers increased, all disappeared + she lost money cuz they aren’t free and have got her face dirty.
Maybe with repost accs they work (I have serious doubts and I will never try), but for your customers absolutely NO.

  • Those who don’t win will hate you.
  • The others don’t care a :peanuts: about your acc but they just want to win, probably won’t interact and will become ghost followers with its consequences.

that’s probably the main downside of doing giveaways… just a quick boost in followers and then a quick decline in followers (simply users just unfollow if they don’t win) :slight_smile:


I think the giveaways need to be done once in a while to have a decent effect. I’ve been following pages that do giveaways once a month and during that time they get up to 20k followers only with that move. Gotta mention the pages are over 1 mil each and they belong to a nice network of +7 mil people following them.

LE: If you abuse the giveaways, the giveaways will abuse you back…


This is amazing data @bakedcookie! I think the key is picking the appropriate giveaway account. Because honestly, if you pick bs accounts then of course you’re gonna get fake followers. But I’ve already verified a few giveaway accounts that are having legitimate results. The same way we have to filter out our follow sources should be the same thought process behind picking these giveaway accounts. Not every account is gonna give you a good follow ratio. We need to be selective in EVERYTHING we do to get the best results!

I already gave away one of my methods of getting best FB sources. That, mixed with @Bartholomeo’s trick and few others around the forum can bring +50 FB, i guess.


Basically, how I look for sources is by doing this:

-Get an account that has a max of 3k-4k followers and good engagement rate with lots of comments on average. 10-12 comments for 3-4k accounts that are not in any engagement groups are very valuable. For accounts between 1-2k followers, 7-8 average comments should do the trick.

-Scrape followings of this accounts that have good engagement using Jarvee. They usually follow a maximum of 750 people.
After scrape is done, put those accounts in the scrape tool and milk the accounts to find out the Engagement rate, average likes, average comments, bio, etc, you got it.

Find 10-15 accounts that have the above filters applied, check them to be sure they are not involved in any engagement groups and put them as sources for following. Their followers might be very active.

From the people I follow on my personal account I also noticed there are people with accounts that have a max of 700-800 followers and engage over 25%. Those are good sources as well. I start first by directly following the sources and doing the like trick @Bartholomeo has in one of his topics. Based on that, if they follow back, you will have a mutual connection with the future followers you will engage with. There was someone around here who dropped this nugget that says when you have a mutual connection there’s a higher chance for FB which I also tested and it works.

If i remember anything else, promise to add it here.


@bakedcookie This is all amazing info. I can personally vouch for the mutual connection follow back theory you posed on here. If I personally follow someone with a mutual connection, my follow back chances increase every time.

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Might as well delete this answer here and compile a big one including Bartholomeu’s trick and the trick I found here with the mutual connection. What do you think?

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@bakedcookie So I’m searching for @Bartholomeo post that you’re referencing and I’m coming up with the long post that talks about his golden nugget and special sauce lol. Is this the one? Or if you don’t mind, can you reference it here? That would be great. Though even if it’s not the other post I just spoke about, that one seems very informative lol so I’m gonna bookmark it anyway!

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@bakedcookie lol yeah I was just asking you for that info. You literally read my mind. Lol

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Trying my best to find the comment but no chance. The trick was like this: After you follow someone, give him a max of 2-3 likes as well on few posts. It improves the FB ratio a lot.

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I’ve had some decent success with giveaways to grow followings, however, the fans that you will be getting may or may not be in the demographic that you want. There’s a group out there called “sweepers” and they are constantly looking for the freebie. They have huge forums where these users post the giveaway to others looking for free stuff. I have given away products that have been supplied by vendors that range from $50 to $500. It’s always the same thing… Lots of people trying to game the system. When giving away a product you need to review all the entries and confirm that they have visited your site and are “worthy” of receiving the item. I always choose entries for people that matched up with my demographic, follow the brand, and also seem apt to engage with the brand at a later date… At times it’s really hard to sort out the good people from the bad.

You should check out the app called rafflecopter or gleam. Both are really awesome tools. As a disclaimer, I do not represent either company and your experience may be different from mine.


@tommeyboy Thanks for the info! If you don’t mind me asking, what exactly do these apps do? Only cause I’m on my iPhone and they’re not in the App Store lol so I’m assuming it’s for Androids only.