Let's connect on Clubhouse

I just got the app yesterday. Super interesting stuff and I’ll definitely use it to my advantage (hopefully just like everyone else here) PM me your username if you want to connect through the app.
Maybe we can create some interesting events in the near future :love_you_gesture:

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can you give more details about how to get the app and how much the invite will cost? and if you can provide the invite?

Hey Max, sounds cool!

are you able to provide an invitation for me?


Yeah i got a few invites left actually. I wont charge anything🤝

Can I get an invite too? :slight_smile: Do you need the email address of the person you want to invite?

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i actually need the phone number

Interested to follow how this will grow and if the hype about this social network will stay for some time :slight_smile:

Sounds great, I will PM you for more details, thanks a lot :+1:

I also have a few invites, if anyone needs in. Just trying to use them on people that can become a resource for me in the future :slight_smile: PM me if you need an invite.

If someone can send me an invite I will appreciate a lot :stuck_out_tongue: