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Good morning. I keep having problems with Like Exchange. My score is very high but the accounts do not exchange likes despite being valid and my profiles do not receive likes despite being 10 thousand points up. Can someone help me?

Thanks so much !

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Short answer: Buy premium.
Long answer: Like Exchange 2021 - Does it still work?

Do you get any errors or what happens exactly? There is the new rule that accounts that give likes have to have bio with at least 13 characters, see if this could be your issue.

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that could be a reason, but from what I’ve seen without buying premium it’s very bad. I’ve tried feeding for 2-3 days and got maybe 3-5 likes in 24h window on each post.

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The easiest way is to open overal results file and own results file, check how many posts have been included for getting likes and how many likes were given in total and you will see how many likes you can expect on average. As mentioned earlier in the thread, if you want to get more likes, you should go for a Premium license.

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Does the like exchange burn through scraper api calls?

I trialed it for a few days and noticed a lot more of my scrapers were delayed, meaning less actions on my m/s setup.

How did you solve this thing?

You need to have at least a 13 Character BIO on seed accounts

So to confirm, the rules are increasing with LE, I suggest the following for smooth operations

All seed profiles need active proxies, 100+ followers, 9 post, 13 Character BIO and follow 10 accounts with a profile PIC

I’d definitely recommend buying LE premium on Jarvee. A small cost for something that has huge potential to generate you additional income every month.

It has its ups and downs when there are widespread blocks. You should expect around 10-15 likes per session. Sometimes much quicker, sometimes slower

The community is working hard to improve the quality of likes. You’ll notice real looking small accounts, businesses, small to medium sized influencers and feature accounts, even verified profiles.

yes the premium version is much better, but you need to keep in mind guys that JV LE works with a system of giving likes and receiving likes so even if you have 100k point but when the session is up you have no account that will give likes then you won’t receive any, also premium users have priority in receiving, that is why the premium version is recommended.

I think the issue is related to the new rule for seed accounts which they introduced last week. Check your seed accounts’ bio, the bio shouldn’t be empty or have less than 13 characters.

Does the LE status on your end show correct status? mine shows incorrect status for accounts that don’t meet the requirements.

Thanks for these detailed informations theotherdave :pray: :pray:

Buying premium still doesn’t make it fair.
I pay for premium and the points balance is 346168 likes made and 96884 received.

  1. account need to be Valid
  2. proxies on that acc need to be also valid
  3. 100+ followers
  4. just 1 post not 9 post
  5. bio need to have 13 characters

I have 15 Accounts in LE and each giving 150-200 per day , I setup them in diferent time , and I give likes 24h per day … I do LE with scrapers , most of my scrapers have more than 1000 folowers , and same follows.

I pay Premimum LE every month , and we need to support each other.

Recommendation is to everybody pay Premium.
Before was 12000-14000 likes per session

and on date 2021-02-02
time 09:00 AM
Was number of LE acc 88,
number of posts was 95,
likes made in session was 670,
likes receive in session was 670

That mean before 3 days LE session have 670 likes , and before 3 months was 14.000


Everybody from today need to setup minimum 10 scrapers for LE tool
also that is good for scrapers to do different things , scraping and liking… if scrapers do just scraping , they will burn in one day. Because of that Make scrapers more useful to do two jobs in same time…

If you think to use this Service YOU NEED to participate .
Everybody need to setup minimum 10 scrapers to do LE , also that acc can do normal job.
My recomendation for that 10 scrapers to buy few sim cards , and if they need PV or mail V you can fix that easy… And you never lose them.

I Don`t lose any scrapers, because I buy full box of sim cards , its virgin numbers , never used , and Its look natural…

Many people expect to use sms providers and to have strong scrapers. That s not possible.

  • buy sim cards for every acc you have for sms verification
  • made your own proxy
  • 1 proxy on 1 acc
  • 3 scrapers per acc
  • use smart scraper tools

*** when you have every disabled acc the ip address is immediately Flagged , and if you made scraper there with sms provider , this acc will be disabled also

I have 1 C block with 256 IP add, that addresses are super virgin , and I share few addresses with friend and he start to use for YT views , and all 256 addresses are flagged … this 256 IP cost 385USD per month. All people whou are in neighborhood start to have captcha on every APP they use… After that I recognized that everything is in IP addresses if you want to be off radar…

Be smart dont burn your scrapers .
Buy premimum LE
use scrapers in LE
invest money in your own proxy only in that way you can have everything in control.

This is very expensive Sport, need to invest lot of money and time,

Also we have to support JV with our payment, because they work 24/7 to make new updates.

In 31days they made 9 updates… Think about that.

Because of that buy premium LE, invest money if you want to earn money.