Limit after Instagram Algorithm Change 6/9/2019

Hello everybody…
Right now I will share what I’ve tested with my account.
I’m Botting 100 accounts and using 4g.
I take notes for every action that I do.
So This the result

  1. Follow/Unfollow limit
    Fresh account by 4g.
    Follow = 500-600/ day
    Limit follows per month 6000 follow (in my case)
    I never use follow and unfollow at same time. After full i will unfollow all.
    Unfollow = ? ( I will update after I’ve done it)

  2. Like (For fresh account) Limit
    Day 1: 50
    Day 2: 70
    Day 3: 90

For Number verification limit
1 sim card for 2 account
(I’ve tested it with 50 sim card)

Proxy / Account Limit
For residential account: 4-5 Account per Proxy
How I check it? I test it when I use 4g i can run how many accounts and when I change network how many accounts that still worked without PV

For 4G Proxy or network Limit
15-20 Account per Proxy my opinion is the safest.

I will update when I make any experiment again.
See ya.

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Thanks. :slight_smile:


Following 500/600 people every day will probably get you blocks in a short time.

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Yes, you do 200 or 500 day.
You will get follow block if you reach the monthly limit in my test.
and instagram will release you after a few day.
In that few day just do unfollow.


Hi adrianleoh, thanks for sharing this Info!

do you use 15-20 Account on them With shifts !

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No i use it without shift.
I do everything in the same time.
I want to see whats the limit.

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thank you so much for your reply Bro :smiley: Appreciate it !

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My issue is getting unblocked to begin with


You’re welcome. :+1:

Maybe you can create a new account first.
Because we still dont have valid info about how long action block remained for the aged account.


yeah New account don’t tend to have any follow blocks only old accounts
all of my new accounts and the accs that are created within last 60 days are following without any problem!

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Also over 5-6k follows?

Yap, you’re right. the same thing happened with my account.

Yap, also for the account that does more than 6000 activities.

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my follow Limit was 300 i found it les problematic “bans” / “PV” i wish if did go low more!
3 weeks ago i played with the settings switching between EB and the api and got 250 accounts disabled and left me with the rest of the accounts F Blocked i have been warming them up already and when ig Blocks hit my accs got hit too but today after resting for +4days im able to follow Today

older accounts with +20k followers had more trust they were still able to follow and didn’t get follow blocked when i fu***d up but when IG smacked on 6/04/19 boom still blocked

The 6k limit is Real


Yap in my opinion in this algorthm change 6000 limit is real.

So if thats real does it mean we should stay low at 199/days until 5970 follow/month
Or max the limit for half month and then rest the limit for half month with unfollow?
Okay i’ll testing it.

For PV or Bans i think good proxy is the answer.


i think this could be better
you could do day F /day unf
or half day F half unf

I definitely think there is some validity to the 6k/30 theory as it as proven to work for one of my accounts. That being said it may not be the solution for all. IG may be split testing limitations and new regulations. I wouldn’t be suprised if there are some others answers out there that could solve others blocks, its just a matter of time.

Thanks to you all for working towards a solution! :raised_hands:t3::facepunch:t3:

Only if you could read a topic from start to end…

@MojoJojo could you please?

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