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I’ve tried close to 20 different providers in the past month, so solely on personal experience. I bet if he were to put his actual phone number he would receive a code.

You can believe that but I have never ever once not received a code on a number that was brand new.

When I was using Travoltaimpbinary.club and it said to use a different number, I would just wait 24 hours, and the number worked again.

Before I knew this, I tried using one of their numbers, and received the error “Please use a different number”. I then used one of my own SIMS (never been used before) and I still received the error.

I dont think the error “Please use a different number” means just 1 thing (number abused). I think it also means a few other things. Just wait 24 hours and re-try the number. It works every time for me.

@brandowafflz is right that when you fail to receive the code it is always because of the number. I have my own SIMs and every time I failed to receive the code it was because I used the same SIM 2-3 days ago (I always wait at least 2 days). And every time I receive the code after waiting additional 24-48 hours.

Now, I have no reason to doubt speedyverify gave my number to someone else. My first thought was that VA just wasn’t experienced enough and made some error in the process, so I stopped PVs and will continue tomorrow.

how many different number sources have you tried?

I was given new number by speedyverify last night and failed to receive the code. Then I tried to PV the same account with same number tonight and failed again.

Just to test, I used other online service and verified the account a minute ago. It is about the number.

Again, I am not saying they shared my number. Maybe there is another explanation, but I’m pretty sure this is always about the number.

Based on my own experience, I dont believe this is completely true. I think there are a few other factors to consider. If I get “Please use a different number” I just wait 24 hours and it works. 10% of the time it may not work. In that case I get I ask for a replacement from SpeedyVerify.com

I am not pushing my view. Believe what you would like to believe. It may be different, but if it works for you then great :slight_smile:

I have tried 6 in total. The ones I have listed above, and 2 private providers through skype.

Every time I’ve received the error “Please use a different number” my account gets instabanned. Even using sims fresh out of the package. Do you guys not experience bans with this error? Any insights?

I don’t think it’s necessarily because the number is abused.

You need to make the difference between “please use a different number” and failing to receive the code. I wrote about the latter.

The thing with “please use a different number” is if you use another number that is not a real sim or has been used in the last month or so, it will say the message again. I have used so many different providers I literally could write a god damn thesis paper on them lol. The ones I am using now, are created from an app I found that no one really knows about. I see first hand, the way that some numbers will receive a code and some will not solely based off of the last time they were used. I cannot use a number that was used less than 6 days ago.

I have seen a number not receive a code and then I can send a text from my phone to the number and it will get it instantly. After that, I can pick a number that was used in the past week and it will instantly get a code from the same IG account.

This is how I use my SIMs. 2 days is minimum between verifications

This could be due to…

  • Using a different phone number often to verify Account #1

  • Using the same number for Account #1 & Account #2

  • Bad follow, like, comment settings

…I usually got this when I was using Travoltaimpbinary.club because every time I verified they give me a different number for the same account.

You are using sims and I am using Voip so that could be the reason for the different cool downs. What country are your sims?

When I receive “please use a different number” I wait 24 hours and 90% of the time that same number works

When I fail to receive the code, I wait 24 hours and 90% of the time that same number works.

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Serbia. I need to find a way to get them cheap, they cost $3 in shops.

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I never got “please use a different number” with real SIMs, only with VOIP and abused numbers, that’s the difference.

Every time it’s happened it was 1 real sim per acc and conservative settings using the number that has always been on the account since day 1. Never changing the numbers on the accounts. I’m just so lost with it to be honest haha! Can’t find the reason for the bans or the error…

I think the problem with having a real sim card handled by real people is, they can have your accounts hacked if they want to?

Is that a statement or a question?

Either way, as long as you can access your email, you should be pretty much safe.

yeah. true. not sure what the heck i was talking about. but just scared that someone has a real simcard for my accounts.