🥊Long awaited McGregor vs Mayweather 🥊

Tonight I’m not going to sleep. It’s on Sunday 03:00 AM and at 05:00 AM they start (NL time) Here I’ve been waiting for a long time. King of boxing against the king of MMA.

Who is going to win?

  • McGregor
  • Mayweather

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Any boxing fans here?

If there are gamble lovers like me. Then this is your chance to earn a lot of money with very little deposit.


My bets👇

Us viewers pay 99$ !!! ( pay per view )
I pay in NL 6€ pay per view. Tbh if it was 99$ i still pay for it.


McGregor will be down before the 9th if he even makes it that long.

He is in another world there. He has a mean left, but he also is not a pure boxer. This is pure boxing.

I want McGregor to win, but that would be like putting a frisbee golfer on a golf course and expecting them to beat Dustin Johnson.

It will be fun to watch no matter what.

Does anyone know the best place to stream it for free?

EDIT: McGregor also does not have the same stamina as Mayweather.

EDIT to my EDIT:

Prop bets are the way to go here, odds on those are:

  • Will McGregor momentarily forget the rules of boxing and throw an MMA-style kick during the match? (Yes +700, No -2,000)
  • Will either fighter get hit so hard that he’ll lose his mouthpiece? (Yes +300, No -500)
  • Who will bleed first? (Mayweather +275, McGregor -450)
  • How many pay-per-view buys will there be? (Over 4.99 million -200, Under 4.99 million +140)
  • Will there be a rematch next year? (Yes +2,000, No -10,000)

True, if they do MMA McGregor 100% win in max 2 rounds.
I think Mayweather will start slow not take big risks and after 3 / 5 rounds is McGregor fcked… and it will be easy.

But it’s boxing 1 good punch and it’s gameover.

I have this bet ( placed by mistake )

I think Mayweather will win. But still i bet on McGregor👇

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McGregor is tough and knows defense, so it could go as long as 5 rounds. The odds for minutes of fight are excellent. Prop bets and betting how long it will last are the way to go.


From which site is the prop bets you sended here? Odds are awesome😍

I don’t have much options where i bet :grimacing:

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Can i win $275 with 1$ bet? Because the +275?

Scroll down to the “how long will the fight last”


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How to calculate the odds.

Mayweather is a -375 favorite and McGregor is a +285 underdog on Bovada. Those lines mean you need to bet $375 to win $100 for a Mayweather victory and bet $100 to win $285 for a McGregor victory.

You can even bet on how long it will take for them to sing the national anthem.

How long will it take for Demi Lovato to sing the national anthem?


Uninet has higher odds i think i will compare it now.
But bovada has much more options/bets


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Conor McGregor showed he’s got a bigger mouth than Floyd Mayweather, Now he has to prove it on the ring. But i think ‘Money’ will win.


Haha true…

Hah I bet they are streaming it somewhere for free, if I was an American I would never pay 100 fking $$$ :smiley:


Being Irish I guess I should support McGregor but to be honest he’s a bit of an embarrassment. I can only see Mayweather winning but it will be interesting, McGregor is a bit of an unknown entity. If he lands one of his left hands with a lucky shot, he could have Floyd on the back foot but that’s a big if… Mayweather will probably sit back and pick him off round by round as I don’t think McGregor’s defence will be up to scratch.

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I am hoping someone comes through with a stream link that will work.


Btw if someome stream this live via youtube you will have looooooot of new youtube subscribers.
Yes it’s illegale but if you film it with your own phone and see the TV it’s legal. Correct me if i’m wrong😬 It’s low quality but still good enough.

I did this with 1 other kickbox match. 30 sec after start i had 2.000~+ live viewers. Without any promo😂

Imagine how much with xxx accounts promoting this via ig+hashtags. 10K+ easy everybody love FREE😍


i know people who does that with football matches and they dont get banned/kicked and I also saw it with instagram live. I dont kow if its legal or not.

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Got this from a buddy. (NOT AFFILIATED)


I think i’m going to lose my money😂 If i see the poll results😞

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I’d love to see McGregor win but it’s close to impossible. He will get outclassed. Mayweather is capable of finishing this in the first minute. They will probably go for more time just to give people the show that they paid for.

Conor has a really low probability of winning in a boxing match. If I was betting I’d put my money on Floyd.


Mayweather invest in bitcoins maybe… enough money :joy::joy:

What will this do with the bitcoin value? If he buys $ 50 million for BTC? Since he will earn 200+ million this evening. Whether he wins or loses does not matter.

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