Long time inactive accounts can't accept group board invites


So I bought these 1 year old accounts that have been inactive.
I’m trying to send group board invites to them from my main, but I tried accepting one and got suspended immediately.
What am I supposed to do?


I think that the account had done “bad actions” in the past and now you are blocked.


Yes it’s probable
It happened already twice with those accounts, I appealed and after 2-3 days I got the accounts back…
I’m so tired of all this time wasted


Hi Bro ,Did you Solve this problem? Or still!


Solve? No, I appeal and hope they give it back to me.
I guess you better make your own accounts and not buy them.


Creating your own accounts that’s the Key :key: ! because Most account sellers don’t worth Buying From there accounts always end up being Banned ,never had success Buying accounts!


So then you have to buy emails. Because I can’t create 50 Yahoo emails myself.
And also I have to wonder now: if the accounts are flagged, are the proxy IPs flagged too?
I mean, if I scrap the accounts and start over, must I also change the proxies?