Longterm Pinterest Methods

I’ve been marketing on Pinterest for quite a while and for some reason when things start getting goodd and i reach around 5 mill monthly views my accounts somehow end up getting suspended, right down to the the domain name being flagged for spam.

The benefits I got when my account was working was somehow Pinterest helped me out with Google SEO and abit of organic traffic from Pinterst itself.

So now my question is this, in order to avoid my domain being banned for spam the next time, my solution is to use a a new domain then after “claiming” it on Pinterest, redirect it to my main chosen domain. Therefore every pin i make with the new “claimed” domain automatically redirects to my main chosen domain. I’ve tested this process and it works, however do i lose the SEO benefits now because im using a redirect domain?

By the way I was pinning around 2k pins per day all pointing to my site, had a good run for about 4 to 5 months

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were you promoting affiliate offers ? and what was your avg rev on traffic like that ? great job on scaling pinterest btw

No affiliate offers just my own products was doing ecom and apps,
I was getting 5 mill views per month on Pinterest but engagement on Pinterest is different i got around 500k engaged pins, daily i received around 1200 visitors.

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so in terms of revenue what can you do with those type of numbers? and how much did it cost you each month to manage that many accounts / traffic / bots

For botting Pinterest I only use one bot, Revenue depends on what your business is and what you’re selling. Some products work well on Pinterest and some absolutely tank on pinterest. I was getting around 120 leads per month. It converts well if you have it working, thats why im trying again :slight_smile:

Just read a couple of threads and I think its safe to say the redirect method is needed.

bro with 5mil monthly reach and about 5% engagement rate ( 500k ) and you only got about 0.3% click thru rate that seems very poor performance and sounds like youre leaving a ton of bread crumbs on the table . do you do split testing and A/B testing ?

Yeah changed up my landing pages a few times but i believe it was mostly the product vs targeting on Pinterest. My strategy was focused on mass pinning and seo benefit. I had sh*t on page seo and basically no backlinks other than Pinterest and I was out ranking other websites in my niche on google. I personally feel the bigger benefit is seo when it comes to pinterest. Sales off pinterest very much also depends on your product, if i was selling fashion or make up I would probably made alot more sales but that wasn’t my business.

i see and i can see the seo benefits of all that traffic but i mean why not setup some female focused affiliate offer i mean with 1200 visitors / day and at 1% conversion rate thats about 12 leads per day and if avg payout $20-$30 you can be making $200-300 per day at least

How do you create 2k pins a day?

Ive had this recently happen to an account on which i had never botted but used other accounts to re-pin its pins (with a bot) It you`re using the same accounts to consistently re-pin it might lead to a ban or if the re-pin accounts are low quality or are flagged in some way…

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Thanks will keep that in mind, I actually did something similar too!

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“use a a new domain then after “claiming” it on Pinterest, redirect it to my main chosen domain”

Use the 301 for the rediction to the main domain?

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Anyone seeing accounts getting SUSPENDED lately? We have had 4 out of 15 suspended. Doing very mellow F/UF/REPIN and max 10 DMs per day. All 4 got the account back within a week but obviously something is wrong and we can’t seem to figure it out

nothing here so far, f/uf/repin/pining, have your site URLs been listed or blocked?

Yup thats what im doing right now and it seems to be working

I never send dms and do follow and unfollow. I did that in the past and got banned in a day lol.
I just keep it to uploading in bulk. I do about 2k uploads per day

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what bot are you using for posting 2k pins a day?

the one that got me on this forum

how many accounts are you using to pin 2k?

how many accounts are created and run on one ip?