Looking for a tool to show feedback from my GMB account

Hello, I want to demonstrate positive reviews on my business from my GMB account on my site. I want it to be an interactive feed that will also show my star rating and other meaningful elements. What is the best way to do it? I’ve found some tools, but not sure if they’re safe to use. Any suggestions?

I’ve used Bright Local for both collecting and displaying reviews. I liked it more than competitors because it was simple but still gave enough options for customizing it as well. Fair pricing too.

Thanks a lot, I’ll check it out.

I used this tool for one of my sites, it was ok. In case your website is wp-based, there are tons of good solutions among the top at the wp store.

I use WIX, but thanks anyway!

There are a number of relatively new GMB chrome extensions that may be an option for you, see their websites too. :hugs: