Looking for advice on how to grow on TikTok fast

Hi guys,
i’m currently giving TikTok a try and wanted to ask for some advice on how to grow the account. Does anyone have experience on what works? How often to post? How effective is f/uf?


Did you find a way?


Nope :smiley:

The BEST way to grow on Tik Tok imo is to use good hashtags & make sure that the gif is eye catching

F/u isn’t effective imo.

It’ll only ger ur page shadowbanned

That’s literally all I do.

Use the popular hashtags from the day and that should do fine.

Hashtags such as #Fyp #Foryoupage #Forupage #Foru

Hope this helps a lot.


whats the best proxy type to grow TikTok?

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Like any other platform I imagine: Content.

And native to tiktok, using the trending dance or song would be my guess?

I made one random clip of myself and got 140 views in 24 hours lol. (im famous now…) I have not taken it seriously though so don’t take this example hah


Thanks for your tips!

Reposting is a struggle though… No repost tool out there. Wish MP could implement it a little bit faster.


I used a video I uploaded on Instagram with all the popular hashtags and it got 275k views (about 4-5 months ago). Don’t know if the same strategy works now but I’ll definitely try and update the thread.