Looking for ideas to find content sources

I am lookign for ideas / providers that can find content!
I need luxury life, make money, cars etc…
here are some examples of what I need:

Any suggestions how to find more like these?
Need as much as possible
Reddit can be a source as well!


hey there :slight_smile: Are you asking for ideas where you can find kind of photos? Please clarify what you are looking for exactly :slight_smile:

You can use Jarvee to repost these kinds of photos to your account automatically from profiles with similar niche.

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I want to find more accounts with similar posts so I can download them all
or reddit / twitter topics with similar content

You can use Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage…

  1. @Bianca gave you a method.

  2. Another method is the Suggested Accounts method. Go to each of those accounts and press on the arrow next to the follow button. You’ll see a big list of similar accounts. Go to each of those subsequent accounts and you’ll get a ton of similar accounts.

  1. :fast_forward: To speed it up, you could also scrape the account names if you have a tool like Jarvee.

Jarvee is also a powerful tool to help you find accounts. Using the campaign tool you can find infinite content in those niches…

You should also have a look at this thread:


Did it arelady, you get 20-30 accounts
I need 200-300 accounts
but thanks for the great guide!

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i think you will not find better than explore page , its clearly the algorithm knocking at your door to give you some gems hidden content just need to filter and scrape

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Try pinterest and telegram. You will find loads of interesting things within desired niche.


you can use some popular hashtags from that niche, and then use the repost tool to extract posts based on hashtags. This way you are not limited to the number of accounts. There is a free trial, you can try and see if this will be suitable.

Also, @Micky suggested Pinterest as a great platform to be the source for what you are looking for. There is Scrape Posts feature within Campaigns that you can use to easily scrape bunch of photos from Pinterest :slight_smile:

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Nice! Once the suggested accounts are exhausted, use the explore page as @StormBoy said.

I’ve heard this method from @MojoJojo ages ago which is based on the explore page:

It’s basically to create an account, and only follow accounts in that niche. Then proceed to your explore page and find a lot of content / accounts within that same niche.


yeah some big niches that involve much more different topic on each post like ‘news’ ,‘entertainement’… if our account is based on this ,well with hastags,suggested …that are more narrowed , we can’t find enough account that do same type of diverse content , so only explore become the reliable choice in this situation

can even have each account with different ‘subniche’ example if its animal repost account, we can have an account that engage only in dogs niche,another with cats… to expand it more .

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Also, there are royalty-free websites where you can download and use their images for free. This is something that would take more time of course, but it’s an option as well :slight_smile:

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