Looking for Paypal Alternative


Yeah its still locked till April 29th lmao even though I migrated all clients to eway (new payment provider) they are still holding it and support is refusing to answer why they are holding it.


Wow, so @HenryCooper was right, don’t do it unless you can afford a lawyer. Sadly I really understand this reality.


3 now, 4 or more if you count BHW.

That’s interesting. Could you tell us the name of some of these? I found some dodgy looking ones when I was looking for a processor for vape products, but what are some reputable ones?

Oh, that’s weird. I just got approved by Paul last week for something. He takes a long time to answer but he’s actually helpful. I guess he’s the only one there.


Any companies you recommend?

On the side note, Damn Paul.


Be careful :wink: broke my arm 2 weeks ago after getting too cocky snowboarding lol


i snowboard for over 16 years now:) So i will be fine!.
not. Last year i boarded 1 hour, big fall😄, done for the holiday:)


Lol sounds like you got it under control then :wink: I flew like 5 meters far and 5 meters high, landed on my arm :man_facepalming:


you are in need too?


Added to my todoist :slight_smile:



Try those:


Would highly recommend going with https://paymentcloudinc.com/, even Stripe recommend it for the clients (who they rejected due to high risk business).

Your account will probably safe with even 10% charge back, however, prepare to pay a decent-high payment processor fees (highly depends on your business model) and charge back fees.

For any other recommendation, Stipe/Square/Braintree/2CO won’t work with high-risk businesses. Just don’t waste your time going back and forth with them :wink:


Will check out https://paymentcloudinc.com/

Thank you so much! Thats a big help for me


Pretty sure they are US only, I believe when I was looking for a new payment gateway they rejected me but I might be wrong I applied for like 10.


What you think about https://transferwise.com ? I’m using that to take some payment but i dont know if can be implement for business payments.


You’re right. they only assist US . Are you dealing with SMM too?

i will take a look at it too thanks a lot!


ouch, thats brutal


Thanks for this


You can accept many payment processors at time this will more convenient for your customers and you have a lot of choices online as:

  • Solid Trust Pay/ can be inplemented with Card payment
  • Skrill:/ can be inplemented with Card payment
  • Payeer
  • Perfect Money


Although, PayPal users are everywhere and no one can beat it but if talk about its alternative then, Payoneer comes in my mind.


As many people have said, stripe would be your best next option imo.