Looking for Paypal Alternative


Yeah its still locked till April 29th lmao even though I migrated all clients to eway (new payment provider) they are still holding it and support is refusing to answer why they are holding it.


Wow, so @HenryCooper was right, don’t do it unless you can afford a lawyer. Sadly I really understand this reality.


3 now, 4 or more if you count BHW.

That’s interesting. Could you tell us the name of some of these? I found some dodgy looking ones when I was looking for a processor for vape products, but what are some reputable ones?

Oh, that’s weird. I just got approved by Paul last week for something. He takes a long time to answer but he’s actually helpful. I guess he’s the only one there.


Any companies you recommend?

On the side note, Damn Paul.


Be careful :wink: broke my arm 2 weeks ago after getting too cocky snowboarding lol


i snowboard for over 16 years now:) So i will be fine!.
not. Last year i boarded 1 hour, big fall😄, done for the holiday:)


Lol sounds like you got it under control then :wink: I flew like 5 meters far and 5 meters high, landed on my arm :man_facepalming:


you are in need too?


Added to my todoist :slight_smile:



Try those:


Would highly recommend going with https://paymentcloudinc.com/, even Stripe recommend it for the clients (who they rejected due to high risk business).

Your account will probably safe with even 10% charge back, however, prepare to pay a decent-high payment processor fees (highly depends on your business model) and charge back fees.

For any other recommendation, Stipe/Square/Braintree/2CO won’t work with high-risk businesses. Just don’t waste your time going back and forth with them :wink:


Will check out https://paymentcloudinc.com/

Thank you so much! Thats a big help for me


Pretty sure they are US only, I believe when I was looking for a new payment gateway they rejected me but I might be wrong I applied for like 10.


What you think about https://transferwise.com ? I’m using that to take some payment but i dont know if can be implement for business payments.


You’re right. they only assist US . Are you dealing with SMM too?

i will take a look at it too thanks a lot!


ouch, thats brutal