Looking for Paypal Alternative

Hello everyone. I really need help. We got a high risk business and we need an alternative to paypal that can handle our needs. Can anyone help?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Stripe, moonclerk, have you tried square?

Sorry @Kim_Blancoz, no. You can ask questions here and thats about it.

Sorry too. Thank you for the help. I am waiting for stripe response. i just contacted moonclerk. In square, its still in pending. Do they accept high risk businesses? We are willing to compensate as long as we benefit each other.

Please define “high risk business”

We considered our business high risk as we are having around 30-40 transactions a day. We used to have disputes around 4-5 a week. Sometimes we can fix it but if we can’t, we refund their payments with ease.

Well that definition is going to vary according to each payment processor. What kind of business are you in?

ehhh,you had a topic about this already i think???


For high risk business, you should not use any payment gateway yourself (if you do not have the budget to sue them) because they can lock your account any day. Use middleman companies (where the Payment Gateway does not equal the Payment Processor) that have unified accounts with all kinds of payment gateways. Be aware that they will take a nice cut for their service tho (up to 7%).


7% isn’t too bad considering fees per transaction, payment processing fees (2-5%) and a monthly fee just for using it. Well, at least in my mind.

i joined a topic but thats not mine. sorry man, its just i need to have one so bad.

sir can you give me an example of a company like that? a cut is fine as long as we can push through.

we are selling social media services.

If you are getting 4+ disputes a month, then what the heck? Either you have a huge volume or people don’t like your services.


heading to snowboarding now so cant, but can we merge here answers from the other topic? she answered this already and in that thread is already a lot of info about her business :slight_smile:

Heads Up on accepting PayPal for social media services


Snowboarding in the Netherlands? Please take pics!


As long as Paul from Brand Risk Management at Paypal does not pop up in your E-Mails :smiley: He can be really annoying sometimes :sweat_smile:


Vive la France!


Also, you can get your business pre-approved by Paul IF you are 100% sure that you are within TOS, which is not so sure with social media services. ( aup@paypal.com )


So I see flipping accounts has bought you more than a car, eh Elon Musk?


Don’t recommend Stripe had 30k locked up for 3 months due to having a chargeback rate over 1% (It was 1.3% lmao) they close your account and hold your money hostage for 3 months to be able to cover disputes.

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… that sucks.