Looking for UK based social media wizz ?!?!

I am just in the process of launching 25 accounts on IG using mass planner (eventually hit 200-300 accounts) to sell my premium lip balm product.

It is a lot more work than I originally thought and wanted to know if anyone would be interested in doing the same for twitter/pintrest/google+ or other social media that they feel will generate sales???

Being online sales we can track where sales have come from so looking to do a revenue share. This is an ongoing concern so will not be a one off or short term relationship. we are looking for someone in the long term to not only setup and run them and sit back and get paid!

Happy for you to over look the launch of our IG accounts also.

PM me and lets talk. Ideally London based but not necessary.


Maybe you want to give more details about how this is going to work, I’m sure some users will be interested in this.

I’d potentially be interested in this. Could you send me more info about the lip balm?

Did you find someone @Verinder1?