Looking to get instagram account reactivated

Does anyone in here do reactivation service? Please dm me

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I doubt there’s a service that will get your accounts reactivated. You need to submit a form to IG requesting your account to be reactivated.

Yes. You can check out their service on this thread:


Did you tried submitting forms to them or contacting the support itself?

If you are not able to retrieve it by yourself, you can contact the guys that ossi mentioned, but before you do that, make sure to try submitting complaints for a couple of days.

you can find users that provide the service on the thread that ossi shared but i think it would be better to do it yourself and not risking getting your account stolen

The guys that Ossi mentioned are trustworthy, so no need to be afraid if you’re planning to run with them.

Does Instagram let you submit an appeal form?

yes of course unless there are some specifications to your account, check the article shared by ossi and see how it goes.

Are you able to submit the form on your own?

Yes i am i have submitted everyday for over 2 weeks now. The account was disabled for not following instagrams terms of service. Its really confusing what rule i broke

What are the actions that you do with your accounts?

Nothing just posting. i was very careful. i think i was attacked and mass reported. the account had zero posts removed

yes that could be it as well, some of your competitors/haters might have reported the account, that’s a big problem when it come to IG they don’t even make sure that you have violated thier policy they only trust the reporters and block the account which is shameful in 2021

I think that is exactly what happened. I have even payed someone $1500 to get the account back but no luck yet :frowning:

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Does it have hundreds of thousands followers? it must be very frustrating to have lost such an account over false reports. i hope you can get your account back soon.

wow man that’s a lot of money i hope you have made sure that that person will do his best getting the account back, how many followers you had?