Looking to get instagram verified

I’m looking to get my account verified but this company wants $18k to write 8-10 articles.
This just seems like a really high price for this?
Does anyone know of a method to get verified for closer to $5k?

@matusm1 offers this for 6.5k

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Very unlikely if you don’t have a lot of PR on renown news websites already…
You can find some legit offers on http://swapd.co and with no PR it will probably cost your around 10-12k for PR and the verification request itself.
If someone offers it for much lower there is a very high chance that he either won’t be able to deliver or will scam you straight away.

Edit: Noticed that @matusm1 is offering verification including PR for 6,5k which is definitely a great price. Haven’t worked with him on verifications yet, but probably roughly 10k$ in other transactions and doing business with him was always outstanding (for those of you who are in the SMM world for longer know how rare this is…).

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If you already have PR contact me, I can verify you or you’ll be 100% refunded without any issue.

I dont have any prior pr

Then I can’t help you, sorry. I only have a contact at Instagram HQ that is doing verification but I don’t have anyone that could write press for you. Btw Instagram are getting more and more strict on approving or not someone so if you don’t have a really solid press just give up, they know some people buy their certifications

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Whats your experience with swapd.co, can you buy articles there??

you can get articles or purchase a pre-verified account and change the name

Do you not lose the blue check if you change the name AND niche?

you can keep the tick if you use a media portal

I’ve dont this many times

You usually cannot change the name of a verified unless it’s something like.
@/samuelwick to @/samuel .

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Can u tell me where to buy a verified account?

What is wtb? I’m looking for someone to verify me burn the matism was busy does anyone have someone else?

Yo bro just got this so dont even know how to send a DM on here… lol but please get at me email me @ hard_trix@hotmail.co.uk im a rapper with some press and lots of professional music videos trying to get verification please get at me for a series customer pce!