Looking to work with an IG growth provider

Hey guys,

If anyone has a good handle on Instagram growth right now, and wants to focus on providing the services, I’d like to work with you.

I’ve got a couple of clients right now who I’m helping on Instagram (and Facebook), and would love to connect with high quality people who would rather focus on staying on top of Instagram growth.

If you handle that, I’d like to specialize in sales and client acquisition. So you don’t need to worry so much about getting clients, and ultimately we can team up and create value for everyone involved.

If this sounds good to you and you’re interested in connecting, message me and let’s talk!

Hope you’re all having a good one :wink:


If you are looking for manual growth provider. Feel free to PM me :slight_smile:


dm your price

what are you providing? Clients range from lower end to higher end. I’m looking for a range of services as a result, from $50/month to $500/month and above.

I am interested.
How can we discuss things further?

Same here, trusted provider with positive feedback - various growth services - all manual - white label service. Can dm me.

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We managed client from Thailand, pls pm ur rate.

Nice fbr during unfollowing. Interesting.


I’ve wanted to make a FBR tutorial for some time now (at least for lvl 2) but just didn’t find time for it yet seriously. I hope I can do it in this month :frowning: will let you know!


i’m looking for ig growth on fashion account if anyone can help dm me paid ofc


Hit me up in the DMs, for some reason I can’t message you!

Getting up to 3000 followers organic from story vies a month

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_2

Would warn anyone about wanting to potentially work with @Mr.BTC

Doesn’t look like he’s here to create value for you, LOL

Why dont you post PMS as well from MPsocial?
Time waster, asking skype to fuck around

You knew exactly what to expect and you Pmed me, fucking politically correct time waster


  • He was indeed interested to work with you, we can’t say the opposite, but clearly you don’t have the mindset of a good marketer - always boasting to be the best and bringing down others, i think i’ve read more insults in your posts than positive replies.

  • "another idiot […] god… so many poor people here." Just quoted you from elsewhere.

  • If i was a mod here, you wouldn’t be here anymore. Thanks i’m just a basic user,

And yeah i wouldn’t work with you neither, toxic people must be avoided :slight_smile: @Arnotts sorry for ya.


I have been in contact with @Mr.BTC (only one day) and i can say that for me is the biggest toxic i have ever met on Internet, not easy to reach that place.


show me examples

I agree with you.

Well, he’s apparently using polls for his client, but actually we should we make a vote/poll aswell about him staying on this forum, as It’s not BHW here :v:


Thanks for the input brother!

And I totally agree. When I saw the toxicity from him, rather than argue over petty details I just decided to post it up here and hopefully warn others about him.

Hope everyone else avoids getting tangled up with him.

Thanks for the input. Agreed - avoid him.