Losing fans this past week

Hello, recently, I’ve noticed that my videos are not getting on the foryou page like they usually do. I have around 393k followers and I have also noticed that I’m losing about 100 followers a day for the past week and gaining very few followers. I’m not sure if I’m shadowbanned or what and that is the reason why my videos are not getting on the foryou page. My content is the same as usual and I have never noticed a decrease in followers like this… maybe it’s because I usually have a video on the foryou page and consistently gaining followers, but now I’m not. I’m not sure what is going on…but it is so frustrating. My tiktok is literally a cat page so I don’t know why I would be shadowbanned if I am. I do realize with the quarantine and everything that so many more people are getting on the foryou page now which could possibly change the algorithm and stuff.

My question is, is anyone else having this problem with tiktok and losing followers? I researched a little bit, and in March 2019, it seemed as if tiktok was deleting accounts who were under the age of 13 or nonactive accounts…so maybe that’s happening again? Being a cat account, I do have a lot of younger followers so that would make sense.

Thank you in advance.

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Check your analytics and see if you have videos hitting the FYP, even 1%. Report back and we can help you :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding!

The videos I have posted in the past 3 days do not have any percentage from the foryou page. What’s weird is that the percentages don’t add up to 100. Like for example, one I posted yesterday says follow: 96% and personal profile: 6%.

However, a video I posted 4 days ago has a foryou percentage of 15%., and every video before that has some amount of foryou percentage.

It seems that my videos stopped getting shown on the foryou page after that one that I posted 4 days ago.

What does this mean?

Thanks again!

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Great info! It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are shadowbanned. It is too early to tell. Keep posting exactly how you would have before and maybe check for any previously flagged videos.

For now, assume that things will return to normal and don’t do anything stupid :slight_smile:

Okay sounds good, thanks! How would I check for previously flagged videos, Would I receive a notification for that? Because I went into the notifications from tiktok to look for anything like that and there was nothing.

Yeah there will be a mark on the video. You will see it pretty easily. I would doubt that any of yours were flagged.

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Ever since the Isolation measures started with Covid, my views have gone down dramatically, and most of my videos are over 75% follower viewed, and very little FYP exposure…not sure what’s happening, but it seems way harder to get on the FYP now…


Ugh yeah, same. Glad I’m not the only one. It is so frustrating/unmotivating to keep posting. Hope it goes back to normal soon

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In the last few days I have noticed that my new videos hardly hit the 1000k views and I should not say about the like count because is low.

So yea. The algorithm surely has morphed into something more unmerciful.

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Lol They hardly hit 1 million views? You have high standards :sweat_smile: :rofl:

Excuse me, my bad, 1k views

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Hahaha no worries! I just saw that and laughed :slight_smile:

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Same here, I’m posting at the same rate as always, but have less views than before.


The guys here, I think are right. If there are more people on the platform posting, that means you’ll get less engagement, views and followers. I’ll keep my fingers crossed after this pandemy.


Update: I have gained back the followers I lost plus many more! My older popular videos are showing on the FYP again. Other good news is that I checked the analytics of my most recent videos from like 2-3 days ago and they have some sort of percentage from the FYP… although it’s ranging only from 5-15% Haha. So maybe it takes a few days now to even get put on the FYP due to so many more people posting. I’m just very happy because all this makes me think I’m not shadowbanned.

Patience always pays off… singing voice haha. Happy for you man! :star_struck: :call_me_hand:

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How many post i should post in tiktok a day ?
Thank you.

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Depends, but 1-3 a day would be a great start. Be consistent with it.

Hey there! I’m having this problem… my last 4-5 videos have only shown insights from “Follow” or “Personal Profile”; none from FYP.

I’m convinced I am shadowbanned, but not sure why or how to get it lifted! The only thing I can think of that I did was to delete too many posts… sometimes I would delete posts that underperformed.

Would you happen to have any suggestions for this sort of problem? I have 63k followers and definitely don’t want to start over.

Thanks in advance!


You definitely could be, but it’s not for sure yet. Keep trying to post good content and pull yourself out of the rut. Double check old videos for flags or anything.