Love to know about strategies of Instagram

At this stage I am growing 20 Instagram accounts. Would love to hear about strategies which will yield in at least 1000 followers per week. Any suggestion for Instagram mass growth is appreciated.

:spoon: Engage with your target audience.
:spoon: Engagement groups.
:spoon: Trade shoutouts.
:spoon: Post engaging content.


Can you describe the following a bit more?
:spoon:Engage with your target audience.
:spoon: Engagement groups.
:spoon: Trade shoutouts.
:spoon: Post engaging content.
Which specific strategies are you using?


Shit sorry I ran out of spoons. :spoon:

Hit that search button in the top right, it’ll provide some valuable answers.


What have you tried so far? Did they work?

The above comment has everything u need to grow rapidly. Everything else is just tactics.

But overall strategy and principles go a long way



Also spoons. Lots of spoons.


It’s like more people on MP social aside from me are sick of people asking to be spoon fed. How weird. :face_with_monocle:


Quick, to the spoon-mobile!

In all seriousness, there’s a lot of the techniques you’re looking for already posted here, it would be great if you read through what you could find, and then followed up with specific questions after getting a general understanding and not just straight out asking for everyone to tell you what to do, that’s not how the internet works.




HI there,
So far I have tried doing following and liking using relevant hashtags. I would like to implement the strategy that allows me to folow,unfollow and like people who interacted with target accounts. I would be targeting the influencers. So thoughts about the range of followers for the influencers? I would also love to hear about any new suggestions.

Cheers up brother, new to the community!! thought it would be much friendlier. Turns out people throwing garbages at me. i didn’t even know what spoon feeding meant!! Hats off to all. You guys are putting up a great show.

Thank you very much. It provided a lot of answers.

It can be a very friendly and helpful community. Unfortunately most people make vague “give me answers” posts without any real description of what they have tried.

In almost every single one of those posts, it’s apparent that they haven’t bothered to read many posts. The same posts that would give them all the answers they need.

If you want strategies, check out peoples journeys on becoming influencers or growing accounts. @thekingwillwhip has a good one if you can read between the lines.

And not any one strategy works for every niche. You really need to try everything for yourself.

And the most important lesson:

If someone has the secret to 1,000 followers a day, it likely cost them a lot of time, money, and effort. And no one will just hand that over with a post like this.

“Ya gotta give to get” - babarino


Thank you!! I understand completely. Will get used to this after sometime. Found this community quite useful already.


Well since you have been a forum member for almost 7 months, I’d suggest reading and visiting a bit more. Also possibly contributing.


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Damn that’s a lot of spoons, you’re making me hungry for some soup.



Don’t be offended. Indeed it is a great community. Just a little humor here and there. No hard feelings, really.

There is really a ton of information out here (for free). It really does not get better than that.

All the best!


Just don’t say this. I am feeling offended. Though the behaviour of people represent their country and family a lot, I am being well taught about these people. This community has some really bad craps.
Thank you for the help. I really appreciate it. I am a SMM expert at Upwork and have been working with growing Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter for the last 3 years. So playing with tools have been new to me. Though not fully new. And coming to this community I am receiving this behaviour.

:clap: you are performing really well!! Keep it up.

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