LTE Proxies for IG that really work. My feedback

Hello, guys!

I personally promised to ProxyLte team that I will post a fair review on the service they provide on BHW forum and I made so. Later on I decided to post it here as well so here we go.

What we were testing is LTE (Cellular) and LTE (Cellular+WiFi) proxies from California.
For how long - one month and 2 days.

We were testing it for IG only and we were testing these proxies as hard as it’s possible for us.
What I can say is that we never tested LTE proxies like this before.

Totally we registered about 200 IG accounts by web-reg and about 150-200 IG accounts by API-reg.
Totally we made more than 100 accounts work (not at the same time) on this proxy.
I’m talking about only ONE proxy that we purchased. So I’m sure it was overloaded.

The conclusion that we’ve made is that this service definetely costs what they want for it.

Also I have to say a few words about the support they have.
Guys there answer really fast and it feels that you talk to professionals, not delitants.
That is very important for us to have somebody clever on “that end”.
Our team has stopped working with some GOOD services because of slow/not polite/not proffesional support.

They are not ideal, probably even they are not “the best ever” , but they are definetely GOOD.

At this very moment me and my team are discussing with LTE Proxies opportunities to work together for a long distance.
Not 100% clear for now will we do that or not as there some details to discuss and calculate, but definitely it was a good experience.

We recommend them.

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Thanks for the info. It’s a very expensive proxy, so what were the tests specfically for? Account creation? Follow blocks? How many actions you do?

Thanks again for the review.

The main purpose was for account creation and they worked amazing for that purpose.

Also we tried to pass throug action blocks with them and a few accounts started following after switching to this proxy provider, but most often if it is a block - it is a block :slight_smile:

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Thanks again. For those costs we would have to justify the difference between that proxy and a $4 a month proxy. I will keep an eye on this.


Sure! You are welcome. And feel free to ask any questions, I still have 1 proxy from them for 1 week more. So I’m doing tests right now and probably will be able to answer your questions.

It sounds sooo strange for me, when I hear the price $4 per month for an LTE proxy… I’m even afraid of them, even when I see that good half of forum buy them and I already know the nickname of the seller…

Thank you for reviewing us, We just created an account here so feel free to ask us anything we will answer .
Our website is : Edited out by MojoJojo.

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Maybe you want to wait a bit, see how things work around here and afterward, you can sell through marketplace. Right @Adnan @MojoJojo ?

just checked out your website

can you explain the difference between your “social” “exclusive” and “private” classes?

Do you have the equivalent of “raw mobile”?

Are these IPs being shared in any way?

Social Proxies
You can choose from HTTPS to Socks you can choose location of the proxy and you can choose WiFi or Cellular or Mixed . This plan are dedicated . each port has 1 mbps speed , unlimited bandwith

Exclusive plan

You own your own pool they are only Socks5 , location is random all over USA and depends on the plan 20 mbps / 40 mbps and 60 mbps max speed allowed

Private plan

Only Socks5 location are random random ISP ( Wifi + Cellular ) this plan is shared between 5 of our clients

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so 1 social proxy is equivalent to 1 raw mobile proxy? Is it possible to run multiple accounts on one of these?

Yes you can run multiple accounts on 1 Social Proxy minimum 48 in 24 hours we auto-rotate the external ip every 30 minutes so new fresh ip every 30 minutes

is there a benefit to using SOCKS5 vs HTTPS for IG?

Can someone explain socks5 va http? What is safer. I feel like this is a major noob question to ask, this is why I don’t make my own proxies. LOL

Except it seems that raw-mobile has a lot better speeds. 1mbps is pretty slow I think.

1mbps it’s not slow at all , you can test for free and see it for yourself for IG you don’t need more than 0.5 mbps i know for sure our competitors limits them at 0.5mbps

This is starting to look like a sales thread.

@ProxyLTE - please DM @Adnan on details on how to open an actual sales thread here in the Marketplace.

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