[lvl1] Megathread: "Reducing Inauthentic Activity on Instagram" (2018/11/19)

Megathread on Instagram reducing Inauthentic Activity - Please don’t open new threads about this, you can joing discussion here:


You have probably already read this, i’m just curious on what are your thought on this, do you think are we gonna see a drastic change? Anybody recieved a message like that so far?


Yes I have read this and I have write to support to ask what is their thoughts. From my side we are testing on one account to push it to the limits and see how it will react to this Instagram… no messages so far!


I read that it was mainly for Panel services that sell fakes Likes or Followers, but reading the Instagram original source, it seems to me that is more oriented to automated services that like and follow in behalf of the user.
I think the machine learning tool can learn if you are behaving “auto” somehow, but it will certainly mistake it with some human behavior. Probably because of this they are not erasing the accounts and just warning them.
So far I haven´t received any messages.


The best thing we all can do, is immediately stop botting IG!

…except me that is…


Ig is down, propably they updating :<

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Facebook messenger is down as well, so i think is more like someone screwed up rather than an update

Based on the instagram notification posted above, it doesn’t seem to be for panels because panels don’t require you to sign in your account.

I wonder if it’s going to affect future inauthentic likes or previous ones. If the update is retroactive, a lot of famous people are going to look dumb all of a sudden…


My thoughts exactly.

I wouldn’t say this is purely down to fake followers and likes.

Someone mentioned above that if you read the official Instagram announcement this isn’t cut and dry who will be affected.

I believe this will come down to if they can detect you’re botting or not and this is debatable … I guess time will tell guys.

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I would also add that accounts being hit with PV recently could well have been marked and this could be part of Instagrams AI learning to see how accounts deal with those prompts … Just my 2 cents.


to early to see impact – give it a few days to kick in. hopefully some of the damn fake ass accounts going down.
– I don’t want to read some bio from a account called ‘dont_read_my_bio’

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Summing up all, you can still use the Bot simply by limiting the number of shares per day, I for example do 200 actions a day should I be ok?


If you don’t vary the time of the day when accounts are making actions, not likely.

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Jesus Christ, holy fucking shit. Am I like the only one freaking the fuck out? Why is everyone so calm in this thread?

There’s been a lot of obstacles in the past and in light of that, i know this may sound hysterical, but this is THE END of client management. We’re going to have to take up other forms of digital marketing/IM to feed ourselves. They’re not going after blackhat CPA spammers, idiots who buy fake followers/likes, BUT US, simple client managers. Idk how we fucking circumvent this shit. Face it, we’re fucked.

Meanwhile everyone is like this:

Edit: For anyone still in denial, read the statement from Instagram, not these goofy news sites reporting on it.
Edit2: Just saw this fun tidbit, GREAT. “We’ll have more updates in the coming weeks on additional measures we’re taking to tackle inauthentic activity on Instagram.”

This is the fucking end. The fucking way she goes boys.


Erm… I just woke up so my brain’s a little slow.

Just clarifying… You’re being sarcastic, right?


Shouldn’t this be leveled up?


I’v been buggin all day, anyone else extremely worried about this? lol this is one of my main sources of income at the moment…
@kraadnc i don’t think he’s being sarcastic, I think he’s being for real. As in … this botting and growing accounts is gonna be done and for us who have clients and making bank, there goes all of our money lol

At the end of the day though, just gotta take it day by day until our clients start bitching / getting these notifications.

Has anyone reduced their settings (follows per hour / hours ran per day / likes per hour?) If you want to talk privately shoot me a PM .